Has anyone discovered a secret their parents kept from them all their life?

My mom passed away in 1981. Life continued and we all got older. And then, I don't remember when, sometime after 2001, I think, my sister called and asked me if I had ever known of Mama living in Texas. To my knowledge, Mama had never even been to Texas. We soon found out just how wrong we were.

Mother moved to Jacksonville in the later forties. The son of the doctor from her hometown in Georgia visited her on several occasions. .Mother was living in a rooming house at the time and I was in touch with one of the ladies who knew her at that time. They had kept in touch. Anyway, Mother got pregnant and moved to someplace in Texas until the baby was born. The baby boy was immediately whisked away and adopted by a couple from California. My mother returned to Jacksonville, met and married my father. They remained married until her death.

Apparently, that ‘baby' was all grown up and hired someone to track down his birth mother. Because of the work in which my sister was involved, my mother's maiden name, the name under which she gave birth to this child, was a part of some record that the people who were trying to track down this man's birth mother looked at.

It was a real shock to my family. My dad had no idea that my mother had a child before meeting him. The only person who did know and was sworn to secrecy because of his position was our family doctor who happened to be my second or third cousin on my father's side.

Of course, I had spent half my life as a child asking for a baby brother, but this was not what I had in mind.

Why do I feel no soreness after back exercises?

The back muscles are the hardest to appropriately and fully contract. Back movements also incorporate some biceps/shoulder effort. Often, improper form allows these contributions to overcome greater back involvement in the movement. Additionally, you are rarely - if ever - positioned to

What's the daily life like at BUET?

I graduated from BUET in 2013. Everyone's experience is different, let me share my experience. Please DO NOT try this home; I cannot emphasize this enough - do not get encouraged by the time wasting I did in BUET.Let's divide a semester in several segments.Weeks 1 to 4:

Why does my boyfriend want to stay in bed and have sex all day is it normal? He comes over and stays all day asking for sex, it's a new relationship, and I am afraid of choosing the wrong person.

I would say it is pretty normal to want to have sex with your new person for a little while, about a year or so.Leastwise thats how it is for me.I get hella attached, and want to spend all my time together, and yes, that includes lots, and lots of