Has anyone encountered a ghost in Mumbai?

If you have any intentions of encountering one follow the steps

  1. Google haunted place in mumbai
  2. Pick the scariest one
  3. Watch a horror movie then step 4
  4. Visit during new moon( amavasya to be specific)
  5. Spend the whole night alone
  6. If nothing happens pick the next one from the list .. continue till you experience one(they should be atleàst 1 ghost to entertain-cum- scare the shit outta you ... it's about their reputation)
  7. Share your story (please tag me... I'll be more than interested in listening to your story)

P.S.- Please don't pick Arey milk colony.. it's stupid. Although cops won't let you in the area post midnight 00.00 ... I once managed to stay back and it was all normal. But be careful with wild animals loitering around and adivasi kinda folks/thugs who can kill you for your belonging and spread ghost stories.

Another instance I'll like to share is - my area is guarded by the angels I believe. Starts with a graveyard and end near Hindu cemetery. Whenever I come home post midnight... a dog follows me till I reach home. In return I do feed him whenever I get the opportunity. Feel free to derive anything out of it.

Did the French need to cut off all those heads during the French Revolution?

In retrospect it seems that the thermidorian Convention had over reacted but it was facing multiple challenges, the Bourbon power of Versailles was obliged to morph into a constitutional monarchy supervised by the parisian Assemblée with the obscure Club des Jacobins ( a sort of present Diner du Siècle

Why was the Roman Empire so important?

Because having once ruled all the land surrounding the Mediterranean and most of Western Europe and North Africa, it left lasting marks in language, culture, statecraft etc. on all those lands.

Expats: what do you NOT miss about your home country?

Left Poland for Ireland. Left Ireland for Poland. Left Poland for the US. Left the US for Australia.:-)What I do NOT miss about Poland:Climate: it is dark and cold there for half a year. What I do NOT miss about Ireland:Climate: similar to Poland, but more boring: only two seasons instead of four: spring and autumn.Also, it