Has anyone ended a marriage because of their in laws?

I think it might be more accurate to say that a lot of marriages end when someone's family does not fully accept the one's spouse and then spend a great deal of time and effort denigrating that spouse when he/she is not around. This creates a tremendous amount of coercive pressure on someone being compelled to choose to support the spouse to whom they've committed themselves or otherwise be seen as somehow "disloyal" to their family of origin.

How to figure out a good heart rate vs age when working out

The most common method is to use a percentage of your calculated max heart rate. There is a flaw in the method as it assumes that everyone is the same.Take the case of exercising at 70% of max and you are 30. Your calculated max will be 190 and 70% of that

Are the following calisthenics, Interval workouts and weekly run routines good for building overall strength, endurance and hypertrophy?

Well Mr Anon, I don't know how long you've been following this routine so far, maybe you haven't yet or maybe you have and your body is now literally breaking apart at the seams and you're questioning your life decisions.I'm being overly dramatic here but the message still stands. Your routine looks extremely challenging and incomplete.ChallengingReading your

What are some beautiful images of Kerala?

In the pursuit of Varnasahnkaram ideologyIt sickens me seeing so many of my south-Indian peoples trying to bypass & bury the facts by saying south-Indians & north-Indians look similar. How racist we south-Indians became? Every time there's a north-vs-south question, our peoples desperately posting pictures of mixed-race, makeup, plastic surgery queens of south-Indian film industry, to prove south-Indians look