Has anyone ever become rich from telling the truth?

Most rich people became wealthy by telling the truth.

In order to get rich, you have to profit, and spend less than you earn. To profit legally, you have to sell goods and/or services to customers honestly – Fraud and False Advertising (lying in these commercial contexts) is against the law. Quite aside from that, if you become known as a liar about the things you sell, no one will buy from you.

What are the costs of building a house with sustainable materials?

It all depends on what you want & how far you want to go.It could be one of the cheapest buildings:That is if you:Built it yourself - your labour.Look for used / secondhand / salvaged material.Consider adobe building.Ideally use

What is a scholarship?

A scholarship is aid some some kind, typically monetary, granted for a person intended on perusing further studies.  The scholarship can be given based off skills, study specific, merit, or need, but is not limited to just these reasons. 

What was your biggest cultural shock from visiting Baltimore?

I went there to go to the famous train museum. I really couldn't believe what a shit hole it was. Homeless people were everywhere. Everywhere. They had constructed massive tent cities under the overpasses. There were expensive yuppie bars a few hundred feet from dozens of sprawled beggars. The hotel people