Has anyone ever cured their Lipoma (without surgery)? How?

Do a week long water fast. It should at least shrink the lipoma, and it may take another week long fast to completely eliminate it.

I had one on my right elbow for about a decade. I had been doing keto diet and intermittent fasting for 2 years, and even up to 60 hour water fasts for a few months, both of which did nothing to it. Only after doing a week long fast, did I notice that it had shrunk (my wife actually noticed it first). The next month I did a two week fast during lent, and it completely disappeared. SO I KNOW THAT THIS WORKS!!!!

The process of how/why this happens is called "autophagy". In the prolonged total absence of nutrients, and your body is relying on fat stores to fuel itself, and after [about] 72 hours your body starts to break down not only fat, but also any cells that it deems damaged or useless. This is also a good method to get rid of excess skin (from weight loss). A week long, or more, fast is also very cancer preventative, as it will also eliminate other types of non-cancerous and precancerous tumors in your body.

You'll need to take a magnesium (citrate) supplement, and potassium (chloride) like Nu Salt, No Salt whilst water fasting to keep your electrolytes up. Intake of extra salt is also recommended. Doing a ketogenic diet prior to fasting makes fasting much easier, as the diet mimics fasting metabolically. You have to make sure that any supplement you take has NO calories whatsoever, or it will not work (READ THE INGREDIENTS carefully).

If you do not want to [still] be farting on day 7+ of your extended fast, I suggest that you do a little "spring cleaning" on day two or three by downing a bottle or two of magnesium citrate. Just make sure that you drink extra water, and have IMMEDIATE access to a toilet for the next six or more hours... This also keeps you from having hard rock like feces during your first BM after the fast ends.

During a prolonged water fast you also need to avoid anything that will stress or heat up your body excessively. This includes intense exercise, and even hot whirlpool baths. Both will trigger HSP70 (Heat Shock Protein 70) that is inside your body's cells, which will make your cells more sensitive to the effects of insulin. But since your blood glucose (BG) will already be very low, you will go into a hypoglycemic episode. At which point, assuming that your pancreas works properly, your body's "metabolic loop" should come to your rescue (keep you from dying) by turning some of your protein/muscles into glucose (via gluconeogenesis). Of course, then you'll go hyperglycemic, at which point the fast is technically ended as far as autophagy goes.

Other than the weight loss, the only other "side effect" from prolonged fasting is that you get cold. This has to do with your thyroid slowing down a bit during the fast, and probably has to do with a lack of the mineral phosphorus. Unfortunately, you can only get supplemental phosphorus by prescription, and it's also expensive. Oh, and after day 3 your immune system is totally refurbished and reset.

Be very careful on the refeed (first meal), as you DO NOT want to pig out, and/or have a high carb meal. Otherwise you will be hugging the toilet, in pain. A small ketogenic friendly meal should be done. And then maybe after six hours a regular sized keto friendly meal can be consumed. Also avoid any chocolate candy (even sugar free) for a few days, as the leucine in it will supercharge your zits after a prolonged fast.

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