Has anyone ever cut you off while you were driving?

It was a 30 mile drive down Highway 101 to get home each day. I was ok with the commuter drives as they are pretty good in California, people signaling etc. As I got on 101 S, there were the usual several lanes of freeway creeping along at 15 mph, then speeding up 50 or so, then back to 15 . I keep plenty of space ahead of me to make sure I can stop in time. Some people want to drive 50 with insufficient space. On this day, I was driving along, and as I drive a constant speed, the space ahead of me increases and decreases quite a bit. A young man being me was getting anxious, flashing his headlights, then blowing his. I had no place to go except straight ahead so I ignored him, Finally, in a bursts of speed, he illegally passed me in the commuter, yelled at me, and gave me the finger as he cut me off. The lane to his right began to speed up so he jumped over to that lane. Traffic to speeded up everywhere. Then all the lanes stopped at once. As I rolled to a stop, I was finishing up a cup of coffee in a large stainless steel commuter coffee cup with a handle on a side. I noticed I was going to be stopping right alongside my nemesis. I had often thought my insulated stainless cup looked like a little bazooka. I was now stopped. He was aware I was alongside him. I rolled down the passenger side window, and leaned toward him, holding my cup by its handle and pointed the empty cup toward him. When he saw it, it was hilarious- with a start, he ducked behind his door.

Yes, more times than I can count. Usually it happens when pulling a heavy load on a trailer because some idiot doesn't want to be behind some guy pulling a load of hay or a tractor. As I'm slowing down for a red light some fool in a little car will speed up, whip in front of the truck and come to a sudden stop because they are stupid, a$$holes, have a death wish, or want to cause an accident to collect from my insurance.

The worst one was on I-10 between Baton Rouge, LA and Lake Charles, LA during road construction. I was driving a 98 Dodge 3500 Box Truck and weighed around 17,000 lbs without a trailer. I-10 was being completely replaced in this area and both lanes had already been replaced but the shoulders had not been replaced yet so there was a drop of 12" or so with some rebar sticking out, taking the shoulder was not an option.

Traffic was heavy and the speed limit was 60 MPH but everyone was starting to slow down because about a mile ahead all traffic was stopped.

Nobody was ahead of me and I was coasting about 50 MPH when suddenly a white Mercury Topaz changed lanes and stopped in my path! I literally had nowhere to go with cars on my right side and no shoulder on my left with a drop off that could have rolled the truck over, my only option was to hit the brakes, downshift, and hit the horn and hope that the car ahead of me would hit the gas.

The front brakes locked due to quite a lot of grit and fine graven on the highway from the ongoing construction while the rear antilock brakes did their job.

Luckily the driver who had suddenly changed lanes and stopped rolled forward a few feet allowing me enough space to stop along with the very surprised drivers behind me.

As soon a I care to a complete stop the driver who had nearly caused a major accident drove away as if she had just stopped at a stop sign on a country road.

We had just put new tires on the truck before leaving on this trip and had less than 1000 miles on them, when I got back home both front tires were replaced because of the flat spots from the sudden stop.

I was damn lucky that I didn't hit that car and if I had I probably would have been ticketed even though the other driver changed lanes and stopped on an interstate.

I don't think that this was an intentional act by an insurance scammer but the elderly woman probably shouldn't have been driving at that point in her life but was.

Why do some women like to take advantage when driving to then push themselves anywhere and everywhere and just pretend they are sorry or use the "I am a woman I am superior" card?

This happened to me today. There's one turning lane only and it was long. I having waited around 15 minutes, was just about to turn right until I can see a woman in her Hyundai i20 rushing on the left lane which is not a turning lane and proceeded to cut me off.

She literally went from the back of the line to first in about 10 seconds.

She puts her hand up just after cutting me off like she is entitled to turn.

Guess what I did.

I floored it, cut her off and kept her one side until about a 3rd of the line went through then I took off.

Oh well she was not apologetic because she then proceeded to tailgate me all the way. I then slowed down to around 20 kms and because she was so close she could not move. And then I stopped.

She tried to overtake me then but because I drive a powerful diesel vehicle, a puny i20 could not make it past, she puts her window down and screams "I am a woman, have some respect".


She then took the offramp on the wrong lane (right hand side lane) and then when the left turn came up, proceeded to cut off someone else and put her hand up again.

Please note, if you are not attractive and proceed to cut everyone off, there will be people who are ready to punish you. Just because you are a woman does not mean you have the right to be the "Queen of the road" and cut everyone off and endanger them as well.

I hope she got late for whatever she was doing!

Yes I've been cut off before while driving. I used to get all pissed off and road rage about it.

One of the last times it happened was with an Express city bus on the highway. He cut in front of me while my vehicle was still by his rear axle. My blaring of the horn was insufficient to make him realize his vehicle was dangerously close to mine. I had to brake hard to avoid being pinned between the bus and the guard rail. This pissed me off so much I came along side the drivers side of the bus and tried giving the driver a piece of my mind, but he pretended to ignore me. This upset me even further. I was going to get him back, and reclaim my rightful position in that lane. I sped up, once my rear bumper appeared to clear the bus I veered into his lane, but mr bus driver was an even worse driver than I anticipated and failed to make any attempt at slowing down or avoid clipping the back of my vehicle.

Now we're stopped on the elevated expressway after being involved in an accident, blocking a lane of traffic during evening rush hour. Soon another Express bus stops in the center lane and all passengers exit the bus that hit me and get on this other bus. Eventually highway patrol arrives and tells us to exit at the next ramp and turn right.

After this incident I realized it's not worth it to road rage, just let the other guy go. No reason to let other people stress you out and effect your driving.

Have I ever had another driver cut me off badly? Yes, of course. I've driven cars for about 40 years, so inevitably it happens periodically. And I've been T-boned once, about six years ago, when an elderly man ran a stop sign and rammed me on the driver's side.

When driving on a multilane road, I am mindful of cars that are driving alongside me. I try to vary my speed so I'm not side-by-side, if possible. And critically, if someone cuts me off, I brake immediately. If you try to avoid them by speeding ahead, you:

  • Take a lot longer to get out of their way, increasing the odds of an accident; and
  • You risk having the back-end of your car hit, forcing you into a spin or skid and greatly increasing the potential for a catastrophic accident,

Sure. But you gotta be mentally prepared to shine it on. And not react.

Cars weigh 3,000–4,000 pounds. That's a lot of steel and glass rolling at 100 feet a second. (70mph)

At those speeds it's illogicsl to react to a nitwit who doesn't know how to drive.

It's inevitable that he will be pulled over by the cops

If not today... it'll be tomorrow.

Tickets are not cheap. Higher insurance rates are not cheap. The moron will change his ways eventually.

Nothing you do when he cuts you off will change his ways. The ticket... the courts... the insurance... will all conspire ... inspire... the bad driver to grow up and change his ways.

So... relax ...and shine it on.

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