Has anyone ever felt like giving up on love?

I did. Still do. I think that the struggle I've had to constantly try to come up with all sort of ways to entertain my girlfriends is seriously not worth it. As soon as I'd break, or I'd have a bad day and won't be as entertaining, I'll get dumped. I can't keep a perfect facade forever. So I decided to stop and look after myself, my amazing friends and family and my fullfilling career and hobbies. I don't wanna seem mysoginistic, I want to believe not all women are like this, but I've yet to meet a womam that can prove me wrong. It's not a big deal, love is overrated and the opposite sex can provide amazing friends, as long as you're not emotionally involved. I feel, though, that as soon as romantic feelings start to creep, it's a free ticket for men and women to be jerks to each other without remorse.

Of course. Many times.

A few times in my life I thought I had found the "right one" but it was never to be. A few years ago, nine to be exact, after coming to the realization that at 65 years of age, that a life of solitude was to be my lot in life and I was just fine with that. Guess what? That was when I met the person I am still with and next year, when we celebrate 10 years together, I will be more shocked and happy then anyone.

My advice is to never give up but don't make having a partner in your life the be all to end all. Be happy with who you are and have friends to socialize with. Only when you are truly content will you find that special someone.

Why should I never visit Turkey?

Dear Revin Jun you should not visit Turkey. Because of your question irritate me so much. A person who asked me something which irritate me so much do not pass his steps on my country...LOL. I do joke as you understand. So i will convert your question