Has anyone ever proven that he has seen Jesus?

Paul, the first author to write about Jesus frankly admitted he never met the man. Later Greek authors of the Gospels never claimed contact - but of course Christians have tried to convince the world the Gospels were written by apostles this is untrue and is testimony to the fantasy of ‘Christian teachings', no one living or dead has ever proved Jesus in any way. Only in this last century has the alternative proposition that he never in fact existed been offered and gained and scholarly interest

No one has even provided evidence for the existence of a historical Jesus, let alone seen him.
The Gospels all speak of Jesus as being an actual figure but, despite claims of some Christians, they are NOT eyewitness accounts and do not even claim to be so. Acts is generally agreed to be written by the same person who penned the Gospel according to Luke (whoever that really was… the attribution came much later and is not clear from ancient manuscripts), and has the same evidentiary weakness as the Gospels.

All of His disciples, the feeding of the 5,000 people, 500 people who saw Him after His resurrection and Paul who met Him on the road to Damascus. There are many eyewitness accounts of seeing Him. Only atheists won't believe them!!!

some info about Allah/God from The Holy Quran

Yogananda stated it and many believed it. I have and I suspect many will believe also. Proven? What one man takes as proof, another will doubt. It depends upon the spiritual perception available to the beholder at the time of the sharing of said experience. Many are called, but few are chosen. NOw you know why! Ha ha

Yes. I have seen Him in 1998. He appeared to me.


What makes New Zealand special?

I am a kiwi, and I know why New Zealand is special....1/ It's got The Mighty All Blacks, the best rugby team in the world by leaps and bounds... Everybody in NZ loves rugby and follow the mighty all blacks (well, most of us). Never gets tired watching them win and win and win.

What would have happened if the US had not intervened in Vietnam?

The Vietnam war was inevitable. It may not have been fought in Vietnam but a showdown between the US, China and the USSR was going to happen.The Truman Doctrine stated that the USA would intervene any time communism threatened to take over a country. So if we didn't go to war in Vietnam we would have been abandoning

How fast can Germany invade The Netherlands compared to WW2?

It would be quite easy. Germany far surpasses Holland in term of their army's size and strength. To make matters worse for Holland, the Netherlands is a very poorly defended country. Much of Europe is quite vulnerable, as they trust each other not to invade and therefore care little for border security.