Has anyone ever seen a UFO or something in the sky that they couldn't identify?

I wrote this answer to a similar question almost a year ago. It was written as it follows:

"Before I answer, I should mention that I'm skeptical, a scientist, a true believer (if I may call it like this) in the scientific method, and an absolute follower of geniuses like Carl Sagan.

I couldn't stress the paragraph above enough. I'm a skeptical. Seriously. Less than a week ago, I said those words with all the force in my heart: "I don't believe there are any spaceships visiting us."

The sighting

I live in downtown Itu, São Paulo, Brazil. My home, a two floor house with a rooftop, stands in the very central part of the city, that also happens to be one of the highest points in town.

It was 4:45. I was with a friend, staring at the sky. It was a very clear night. Absolutely no clouds. I mean, really. Zero clouds. Zero wind. The perfect evening to stare at the sky.

It was also the first night of full moon, so it was very bright.

My friend and I laid down in the rooftop, staring at an angle of aprox. 90 degrees.

Suddenly, we saw this.

Yes, I had seen something weird but don't know what it was. Here's how it happened

I was around 10 or 11 years then and during summer vacation me and my family used to visit my grandma's house which is a bit far away from my hometown, it took us a day to reach there by train.

One night me and my cousins were sitting in the porch area of the house it was not too late at night it was around 8 to 9. We were just laughing and joking around and were just looking at the stars.

For a moment everyone was called by my grandma but i stayed for some how my cousins were not far away i could see them from the outside then i just looked at the night sky and clearly terrified at what i saw, that memory was so clear till this date, i saw a strange object moving upwards like a lift goes i didn't know the exact shape looks but can see lights on and can see two figures in it it so clear and yeah i could think it was a airplane but no i know how an airplane looks like and their is no way it is moves like in lift like upward motion and the figures i saw was definitely not human i am so sure of that and for about few seconds it moved upward in the sky and vanished no sound no lights it was literally levitating in the sky. So till this day to whomever i told this they say it may be an airplane but i was not that small to know it was a plane or not and nothing can vanish like that.

I still don't know for sure what it was but it was unusual and made me terrified and when my cousins came back we all saw a shooting star.

Yes, about 30 years ago I saw a strange light in the sky about 20 miles away. It was was glowing and round and at first I thought it was just light of some houses , it then preceded to dart around quite high in the sky making movements that no helicopter or plane could make. First thought was yeh im seeing a UFO , just felt funny in my stomach. it was flying above mountains and over the far side of those mountains was a military base. So yes I thought it was probably a top secret aircraft but really I wanted it to be aliens hehe

Thinking now it may have been ball lightning but I have seen and read too much not to believe that the governments are aware of aliens or alien technology at the very least and many if these sightings can not be explained any other way,

It was around 7am one cold, clear morning and I was walking down the large expanse of concrete that was our truck loading area at work to the waste ground at the far end. The sun was up and visibilty was excellent. Paul, my supervisor, was with me as we trudged along and discussed the task ahead of us. Suddenly Paul stopped and put his arm out in my path. He spoke in a harsh whisper.

Paul - Stop. What the hell is that?

I looked and couldn't see anything other than a few more yards of concrete that turned into rough terrain. A tall security fence ran along to our right. Beyond that was the Worcester and Birmingham canal, and on the other side of the canal was a chemical factory.

Me - What's what, Paul? I see nothing mate.

Paul had crouched down and shakily pointed dead ahead. I looked and saw nothing.

Paul - You see it? It's a UFO mate. Seriously. Let's get out of here.

I stopped and looked even harder at the absolute nothingness in front of me except a long stretch of wasteland that ran alongside the canal. Some low shrubs and weeds sprung up here and there, and there were trees in the far distance.

Me - I can't see anything Paul. How far is this UFO? Is it high up?

Paul - Not very high up, but I can't tell how far it is. Let's go John.

I looked again and followed Paul's shakily pointing finger. I saw it!

It was a blob of foamy liquid that had floated over the canal from the chemical factory. The sort of harmless foam that occurs sometimes when high pressure water seeps from a gate valve or similar. I recognised it immediately. Funnily enough it was in the shape of a saucer and was slowly drifting from right to left in the air current about 10 metres up in the air and 50 metres ahead of us.

Me - Paul. That's a foam blob from the plant over there. You dopey sod.

Paul - Oh yeah so it is.

Paul stood up and looked a bit embarrased.

Me - Good job I was here mate, otherwise you'd have been convinced you saw a flying saucer.

Paul - I guess so.

He couldn't identify it but I did. The weird thing for me was that Paul used to work at the chemical factory so he must have seen those floating blobs before but failed to recognise it on that occasion.

This happened back 1997–98.. I was around 8–9 year old at the time.. At school we have an hour long lunch and break and usually we eat within ten minutes and play in the school playgrounds for the remaining time.. It was a very clear bright sunny day with just the usual few white clouds in the sky... we were just running around... when i looked in the sky I saw something... emerging from the clouds was a reddish copper tinged spherical ball.., the entire sphere was not visible to me as it was party covered by the white clouds.. I saw it clearly for few seconds and then my friend called me or something I looked at her and looked back in the sky and it was gone..,

That evening immediately after school I told my mom that I saw Mars today... My mother thought i was kidding but to the child me Mars was the only red planet in sky that I knew...

Even now I remember that day and that sphere distinctly... I even tried to google and check if planets are visible to the naked eye... Apparently they are visible only as stars in the night... I dont know what I saw but if anyone else here has witnessed any such thing or have any idea on what I saw must have been please do comment..,

I think it was either an UFO or since i beleive in strongly God it maybe God saying that he is always there looking out for me...

P.S. it was in the day at around 1pm so it was not the moon.

I not afraid to stick my neck out and respond to this question and I know there are many other people who have had this experience; yes, one evening several objects appeared, almost in formation but were paired, in four different areas of the sky. I called my wife to confirm what I was seeing and then we called a friend in another part of the city and she was able to see them also. Later when we decided to check-in (metaphysically;) what we saw was for benefit.


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