Has anyone ever tried a 48 hour sleep cycle? (36 hours awake and 12 hours asleep)

Not Exactly, but during my college days I have done this 3 times in 1 month ( 2 times to play dota!!! THANKFULLY I AM NOT PLAYING IT ANYMORE SINCE 8 MONTHS!!! and 1 time after exam to have fun outdoors).

Have been awake from:

Morning 6A.M till next days afternoon 3 P.M ( for others times time may be +- 30mins to 1 hour) that around 33 hours.

And Slept from 3 PM till 4AM i.e for 13 hours

Trust me for the first time you won't feel much, but second and third time will have exponential deteriorating impact on you physical health and mental health. It becomes difficult to have proper coordination between body and mind, one feels sleepy even after 2–3 days, Awareness vanishes and no chance of making intellectual conversations, write exams etc... as it becomes very difficult to concentrate. One will feel as if even after having 3- 4 meals per day his not gaining much energy. Especially eyes suffer the most if you spend all this time in front of screen or any other activity which involve concentration, and to remove stress from eyes, at-least in my case I had to reduce time spent in front of screen to not more than 30mins per day for 15 days.

You will first handedly experience it. For me it took around 14 days of well-planned time table to fully recover from mental weakness. But don't practice it multiple times even after recovery as it will slowly induce permanent weakness and recovery period will increase.

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