Has anyone followed Mike Chang's Six Pack Shortcuts? Is it effective?

It seems to be cool to hate Mike Chang.  If you scroll down to the comments on his videos, everyone is jeering and heckling him. Perhaps maybe they feel he's sold out, or that he's trying to swindle them with the products he tags in the beginning and ends of his videos.  That's fine.  I choose not to tune into the band of data, because to me it offers nothing.  I installed the Hide Youtube Comments extension on Google Chrome for a reason.

He offers good advice on mostly at-home, weightless or dumbbell workouts, which is exactly what I need.  Doing a modified version of his ab routine, I was able to see results in a few months.  Before going to the fitness center, I like to change up my routine to keep my muscles from getting used to the standard movements. I'll open up one of his videos, skip the promotional section and reference his routine and form.

As many have said, there are no real "short cuts" to fitness.  Mike Chang is not a magician.  He's not a shaman who can convene with the spirits of body-building and then whisper the secrets into your ears.  He is a guy who finds what works for him, films it and publishes it on the web over bad music. 

You as the viewer are responsible for harvesting that data and turning into something that works for you.  Just remember, it's dangerous to go alone! Take this:
Hide YouTube Comments
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