Has anyone had an encounter with a ghost in real life?

I don't know whether it is a ghost or my mind tricked me.

In 2016 suddenly my co sister passed a way. She is a very nice lady. Very pure and innocent. No ill health.

Around 8.30 I spoke to her that night before she slept. By 10.30 she is no more. My brother in law and mother in law thought she slept. But she passed away in her sleep. She is very fond of me. We were very close. At least we spoke for two or three times a day.

Ours is a very small close-knit family.

We took her body in an ambulance to our native place and performed all rites.

I was very upset. Just in 2012 we lost our father in-law. Though I am the second daughter in law I am always treated like the eldest daughter in law. Since my elder co sister is like an innocent girl who is afraid of responsibilities.

To my father in law and to co sister, I only performed all the duties for the following 13 days after their cremation .like arranging everything and serving food to purohits etc. My elder brother in law performed all rites for both of them .

The third day night after my co sister's death , I went backside of the house to brush, after dinner. There bulb is fused and a little light is falling from the kitchen.

I felt suddenly some one is standing near to me. When I saw I could see only one green colour sari clad figure without face. In that dim light how I was able to see the colour of the sari also a big question mark to me! Just when I tried to figure out it started laughing so bizarre.like hihi hehe type with weird sounds not clear.

I was scared like hell. Ran in to the house.

When I told this to my husband he said calmly 'who ever it is , whether it is there or your hellusion later we will discuss. First sleep !'

He meditates alot. He had a few experiences. So first he wanted me to calm down since I have mild BP.

My brother in-law was in utter shock and very depressed about the sudden demise of his wife already.

My self and his daughter somehow taken control of the situation and making him fulfill all the formalities. So I can't tell him this. He is enough disturbed.

I was very scared but slowly getting a doubt. Is it my co sister? She was in her green sari when she passed away. I was Confused and laid on my bed and folded my hands.

(We all were together in a big room. My mom in law,both brother in law's,my husband and my younger co sister and my elder brother in-laws daughter and her husband and son.)

I spoke to her in my mind.akka! (Sister) from the beginning I am taking care of all the responsibilities of this House. Even now I want to do everything you without any compromise. I am doing my level best. (That time demontisation happened.really we faced lot of difficulty arranging money in cash. I had so many health issues though not serious at that time. But being Brahmins lot of rules and rituals we had to follow).

Every thing without any second thought I am doing. If you scare me like this who will do to you? Your daughter , Son-in-law and your most loving grand son have come. Won't they get scared if they know ? If you want to convey something please do it in a peaceful manner! I closed my eyes and prayed to her.

I heard a small sigh and a grunt sounds in a strange way.

I covered my self completely with bedsheet and slept praying God. The remaining ten days nothing significant happened to scare me but some unknown strange sensation I had beyond my comprehension as someone always was there very nearer to me. My husband told me nothing to get scared, if I can't bear it any more, I should make some loud sounds.souls can't tolerate sounds he said. It will go away if it is her soul.

After 13th day, since all formalities finished, we all want to come back to bangalore. We stay here.

My co sister always used to tell me she wants to give her gold to her daughter, only after( my brother in-law's) her husband's turn.

Till that day I kept all her jewelry with me . It was handovered by hospital to me in Bangalore. When we took her to hospital thinking' she was unconscious.

My mom in law also gave her jewelry to me in Bangalore it self before we started to our native place with my cosister's body , since she is old and forgetting and coming along with us in an ambulance by road.

In fact we want to keep the jewelry in locker. But some how it didn't happen. Once we finished the thirteen days formalities , we were all ready, to come back to Bangalore.

Evening at 3 o' clock our train is. I said final good bye to my co sister in my heart.

served food to everyone. After every one had , I took some food in my plate. I just ate one pick. I was standing and eating. We want to get the house cleaned before we leave. So I told maid to start cleaning.

I want to finish my lunch quickly. Suddenly some thing hit my plate from bottom. My plate went in to air atleast 2 feet height and everything fell down.

So far never anything, especially food, fallen from my hands. Because I consider food as ‘Maa Annapurna prasadam'. So always I am double careful.

No one is there .who hit it with such a force ? The way it has fallen down scattering all the food stunned me. Because if it is slipped from the hand it won't fly in air. I tried to think but was getting no clue. Absent mindedly I helped my people, winded up and locked the house and left to the station.

We all boarded the train. I gave back each their jewelry previous night it self. Since I have cash also with me. I don't want to keep everything in one suitcase. My mom in law and my brother in law's daughter kept their jewelry in their suitcases. Generally I don't get sleep in train. I was awake entire journey. I kept around 50000 cash in my suitcase.we kept all our important luggage at one place under the berth. I was having constant eye on them.

After reaching the Bangalore when we tried to pull our suitcases out, we were shocked to see both of their suitcases were opened and entire jewelry was stolen .My suitcase was in tact which is next to their's. We were so clueless and very upset.

I was there entire night awake observeing them. It was Ac second class compartment. I have not seen anyone tampering the luggage.

Whether my co sister wanted to convey me about this? I am confused. Later her daughter felt very bad .she said she should have taken them later. Even about my mother in-law's jewelry, my co sister had some issues from the beginning.

Only the jewelry she doesn't want to give her daughter,and the jewelry she had issues with my mom in law only vanished.remaining jewelry was in tact.

I don't know, how it happened,Why it happened. Really it has any connection with my co sister? Her Soul wants to convey anything to us ? Is it possible? Utter confusion to me.

One more strange thing. The night she was passed a way in Bangalore ,my mom in law called us in panic. By the time we reach,( just fifteen mins drive) all the street dogs around fifteen in number sat Infront of the house on road staring at the sky just above their house silently as if they are seeing some thing unusual..

Generally any time if they see any new comer , bark like anything. Especially night time always we are scared of them. They roam around entire street always.

Then that day why all of them gathered there and neither moved nor barked even when we stopped our car next to them at night 11 o clock surprised me.

All these things confuse me. I am clueless about the entire thing.

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