Has anyone's life really become better after a divorce?

Yes, measurably. I chose my ex based on the more superficial thinking of an immature Man (me then) instead of the eventual, more substantial perspective of a mature Man (me now). After several years of marriage, I began seeing the red flags which my younger eyes hadn't been able to see. I had chosen naiively. I allowed myself to be devalued, & verbally & emotionally abused.

During the divorce, I went to counseling, and read thousands of hours about relationships, psychology, and emotional self-care to better understand my predicament. I was very careful to avoid "emotional Novocain" (drinking, drugs, serial dating, etc). I wanted to understand and work through it without blurring the lines with those common vices. Not for religious reasons, but simply because I didn't want to displace my healing process with ineffective coping mechanisms which wouldn't serve me.

I got in the best emotional, physical, and spiritual shape of my life. The "birth" of the real me couldn't have happened without the "death" of the old me. Once that happened, I gained a better understanding of the power of the practice of Self-Love. I worked hard to occupy a Life which was more mature, loving, confident, and welcoming. That practice is it's own gift, but it also makes it a clear, welcoming environment when the right partner comes along. And she did, and she Loves me for the Man I worked hard to become.

"Be the Man your ideal partner wants to be with."

What is an uncontested divorce in California?

An uncontested divorce in California is a divorce where 1) the parties agree to the terms of the divorce paperwork, or 2) a divorce proceeding where one party fails to appear or respond. The advantage of an uncontested divorce is that it is less costly

Is it possible to be fat to super muscular in a month, not going to gym?

Hi Rishov Bhattacharyya,The answer is NO!You should have the goal to become super muscular but you need to put in that effort required consistently rather than setting a time frame (the time frame you mentioned requires superhuman capabilities like Captain America! ;))Being transformed myself from fat-to-fit, I have learnt that it takes

Is it okay if I run 10 kilometers everyday?

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