Has anyone searched so long for the right person in their life that they never found it?

I would suppose many have. Sad that people search for the right person rather than strive to become a better, healthier, happier and more loving person themselves.

My wife is amazing, beautiful, sexually hotter than most 25 year old girls, brilliant and heaps of fun. When we first got married I quickly learned she is less than the perfect wife. HEAPS less than the perfect wife. Fortunately, she is enough of an adult to deal with my massive shortcoming though.

Is my wife the ‘right' person? Who knows, I don't care.

I strive every day, all day to be the best I can be for her. I try to be as kind and forgiving as possible and I try to enable her growth and happiness. If I am busy as all get out and she wants to chat about crap I do not care about I will stop and listen, not to pretend I care at all about that crap but so she knows I care about her. If she then wants me to engage in that crap I laugh and tell her I love her but no chance I will engage in that. Often she wants to bitch about this or that, I will listen for a short while and if all she wants to do is bitch I stop her and ensure she is just bitching with no desire to fix. If correct, I again tell her I love her and then tell her go chat with your girlfriends, I am not and will not be one of them. She then laughs and off she goes.

She works hard to be the best wife she can be for me. She strives to be sexually attractive, emotionally mature, mentally fit and to allow me to be a ‘man', a rare thing for a woman these days. Does this make her the ‘right' one? Who knows, who cares. I love her, I adore her, I admire her, I am lost when she is away found when I touch her hand. Why? I work at this, I work on my thoughts, my emotions, my words and my responses to her.

I was a homeless person, I lived on the streets and ate out of garbage dumpsters. I cannot walk idly by a homeless person, I seek to offer some help. My wife noticed this and now she too goes far out of her way for those homeless souls she meets. This endears me to her, yet it is who she is, she strives to grow and be more today than yesterday.

I'd suggest any ‘seeking' the one to forget that hunt. Become more tomorrow than you are today. Study harder, read better books, watch less TV and nothing from Hollywood. Listen to more uplifting music, less trash. Stop watching the NEWS and begin to train your thoughts, learn logical thinking skills, reasoning skills and nutritional skills. Go out of your way to help the less fortunate, the down and out, be kinder to strangers, return a smile for a frown, practice smiling while alone. Walk 30 minutes a day, not hard enough to break a sweat just a stroll. Soon enough you will find you are desired by many and be able to select the pick of the pack.

Belief and Beliefs: Can the existence of a god be proven or disproven?

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