Has anyone see "Unacknowledged" by Dr. Stephen Greer? Isn't this enough evidence to suggest there are aliens and UFOs?

It is no doubt that there are many secrets that are kept from the public. Secrets that denied the existence of Area-51 for over a decade until Bob Lazar disclosed that he worked there on back-engineering UFO vehicles. Secrets that denied US presidents access to "highly classified" information about aliens and advanced technology. Documented examples: President Carter was denied by CIA head George Bush sr., President Clinton, and others.

One of Clinton's promise, if elected to office, was to disclose information about UFO's and Aliens from other worlds, however, it didn't happen. When pressed by a reported he said "Sara, there is a government, within the government, and I do not control it!".

Yes, "Unacknowledged" is a bombshell revelation of serious secrets that is kept from us and some debunkers are either employed to create doubt to such revelations, while others just have closed minds fearing the truth which scares them.

Greer's earlier Disclosure conference presented some very convincing, reliable witness statements before the press.

Clifford Stone is ex military and had direct contact with crashed UFO craft. He states that 57 species were known in 1989, when he completed his service. His answer pops up about 1hr 45 into the recording.


2001 National Press Club Disclosure EVENT

I watched bits of it just now, not gonna waste an hour and half of my life with nonsense, but I see no proper evidence. It's mostly conspiracy, random pictures, And a lot of useless talking.

This type of videos are not evidence for anything. Saying this video is evidence for aliens is like saying the powerpuff girl cartoon is evidence for the existence of 3 super powerful girls.

Evidence is evidence. Something factual, examinable, real. Not paranoia and conspiracies. Saying person A was at location X at certain date and time, therefore he/she was there to cover up aliens or whatever. This is nonsense. Yes person A could've been doing that, but they could also have done a million other things.

This like that ancient aliens nonsense. We can't figure out how ancient civs build this pyramid, therefore aliens did it...

No this is not evidence for aliens.

Edit: evidence for aliens would be an actual alien or a spaceship or a ray gun or whatever.

What were the foo fighters phenomenon seen in WWII?

My father flew 35 missions over Germany as a ball turret gunner in a b-17. His crew was the youngest in the 8th airforce with an average age of 20. Having just graduated from his childhood and thrust into combat his senses were on overtime as everything was new. The crew members had never flown in an aircraft