Has anyone seen a genuine UFO? What was it like?

I was in the army, guarding at a tower alone. The tower was a post. I don't really remember the time, but I'm certain it was deep in the night, after 2 a.m. My base was in the mountains, so at night, although it had never been enjoyable to guard alone in a tower where some random rats sneaking out from nowhere could be nearly at the size of a grown-ass cat, the night view was however kind of nice. Looking out the window of the tower, you could see the city shinning down there on the plains not far away from the mountain base, along with a neat view of a starring sky. It was some kind of consolation. It made you feel you weren't alone, as you could see the city was still breathing and full of life just as it was in the daytime.

That night, I was busy planning what to do and things after I could formally say goodbye to my troop pack and assault rifle, as my military service had almost finally come to an end. I was thinking about my career and where to settle down. Being too busy and cheerful at the same time in my head, I wasn't really paying attention to my surroundings. The window of the tower was only a couple of footsteps away from me, and it was a big window, so I could still sort of see what was going on out there although I was diving deep in my own thoughts. While I was planning where to celebrate the full return of my freedom with my girlfriend and buddies, there was something out there in the sky that kept distracting me. I had no idea what it was. All I knew was that I kept looking out of the window, only to find nothing unusual. The sky was quiet and dark. No stars this time. The city down there was, well, just as it'd always been, that the downtown area was still lit. The mountains further away, nothing weird either. As a result, I went back to my little planning. Yet it didn't take me more than 1 minute to look out the window to check the sky again. So I basically just kept looking out the window like every 30 seconds. Something out there made me distract. My instincts and what I could glance in the corner of my eye while I was focusing on my own business told me there was something in the sky, but when I looked at it - nothing. Just nothing.

That being said, I knew it clearly that it was my duty to report back to the base centre should anything happen. Therefore, I thought I'd better look more carefully. The dark and starless sky really seemed a little bit strange tonight although there hadn't been anything uncommon noticeable. But knowing my responsibility, I looked out the window once more despite having found nothing, and just stared at the sky for as long as I could, trying to figure out what was going on.

Then I saw something.

A huge circular thing that looked like a cloud was shooting back and forth extremely fast in the sky. It moved from somewhere far away from anything I could see in my sight to the sky above my base, and then moved back towards where it came from till vanishing in view. It then moved towards my base again - hence it gradually appeared bigger and bigger as it moved towards us - to the same place in the sky where I saw it above my tower. Then it moved back far away again. It just moved back and forth like this, time after time. I hadn't been able to see it previously until staring carefully at the sky since its colour was almost identical to that of the sky's; there wasn't even a gap of one full shade. This must be why I'd always felt there was something yet had a hard time spotting anything. My vision through the corner of my eye caught this colourly-slightly-off thing moving in the sky while I looked away, but when directly looking at the sky, I wasn't able to notice anything until staring long enough because in direct vision, human eyes were the least sensitive to colour inconsistence in shades and brightness (so in a dark room, for example, any source of lights would appear brighter in the corner of your eye than when you directly look at it). This thing's colour was really almost identical to the nighty sky's; therefore it remained visually undetected for so long since the very beginning. I had no idea for how long this thing had been shooting back and forth like this while I was there on the tower. It gave me the creeps. There was no noise when it moved, and it moved at an incredible speed. I wouldn't doubt in the slightest if it could travel from my country's north end to the south end which were 250 miles apart in a minute. It was huge, probably translating to at least a couple of square miles on the ground judging by its size in the sky far deep. It didn't have any visible lights.

I just stared at it shooting back and forth until it decided not to return anymore after moving towards the horizon. I didn't report to the base centre, and I didn't think our radars detect anything either.

Here's an illustration for you to have a better idea of this experience of mine. Excuse my drawing skills as I've never been an artist material. I drew this using Microsoft Paint and a mouse.

I'm writing this less than 24 hours of my first UFO sighting in hopes that I don't ever, ever forget what I saw.

Before I write my answer, I should mention that I'm skeptical, a scientist, a true believer (if I may call this way) in the scientific method, and an absolute follower of geniuses like Carl Sagan.

I couldn't stress the paragraph above enough. I'm a skeptic. Seriously. Less than a week ago, I said those words with all the force of my heart: "I don't believe there is any spaceships visiting us."

The sighting

I live in downtown Itu, São Paulo, Brazil. My home, a two floor house stands in the very central part of the city, also happens to be one of the highest points of the town.

It was 4:45 am. I was with a friend, staring at the sky. It was a very clear night. Absolutely no clouds. I mean, really. Zero clouds. Zero wind. The perfect evening to stargaze.

It was also the first night of a full moon, so it was very bright.

My friend and I were stretched out on my roof staring at an angle of aprox. 90 degrees.

Suddenly, we saw this.

First, I'll start by seconding another answer - just because I don't know what I saw doesn't mean it was aliens. That being said, here goes:

I was around seventeen, and a friend and I had decided to go driving around. We grew up in a rural area in Pennsylvania, so really, driving around was all you had to do in your free time. (That, or drinking or drugs - big with bored rural youth. Luckily, we avoided that particular pitfall.) This was back in the mid nineties, before drones.

Anyway, for lack of any particular destination, we decided to go into the nearest town, about 25 minutes away from my friend's home. I don't remember what month it was, but it was probably getting into fall - it wasn't that late, and the skies were already pitch black.

The route we took went down a rural four lane highway. There were no other cars on the road with us. But we suddenly noticed we were not alone - off to our right, just over the tree tops, there was a bright, flashing light - and it was pacing us.

As the passenger, I was able to watch it without having my attention distracted. I had an unobstructed view, and soon realized it was behaving too oddly to be any aircraft that I know of.

First, the whole thing was flashing - not just a light here and there as on a helicopter. It was like the entire mass was just one big light - as opposed to a normal aircraft that you can tell is a vessel that has lights attached to it.

Second, it was pacing us - meaning that it was going too slow for most aircraft to stay in the air. No matter what speed we went (we did some experimenting), it stayed with us. Only a helicopter could do it, but it wasn't a helicopter, because, bringing us to point three, it made no sound. Not a buzz, not a whirl, not a beep, not anything. It was low enough and close enough that we would have easily heard it.

Fourth, it was big. As in, definitely bigger than a helicopter (but smaller than a 747).

Lastly, the light itself behaved strangely. It would flash fast, then slow, then fast - then disappear altogether. Then, a mile or two further down the road, it would be back - still right beside us. Flash fast, disappear - then reappear, flashing slow. It would also change color - going from yellow to green to red in no particular order. It followed us for about fifteen minutes down the freeway and then disappeared.

My friend and I were more fascinated than freaked out, but since neither of us could explain it, we just shrugged it off. We pulled off the freeway and went to a nearby shopping center, where we drove around the back of the building to throw some trash from the car into one of their dumspters. At this point, the freeway we just got off of was still very close to us, separated from the building by a field and some trees. As we tossed our trash into the dumspter, I looked up - and lo and behold, it was back. This time it was on the other side - to our left, not our right.

We watched it a little longer but by now it was starting to feel weird - now it was starting to feel like we were truly being followed instead of just (maybe, possibly) coincidentally going in the same direction with it. (Doubtful to begin with, because it seemed to be so deliberately pacing us, but we nevetheless allowed as to how its speed changes may have just been a coincidental fluke.)

It was as if it had flown over the building to get a better view from the other side because it had lost sight of us when we went behind the building.

We jumped back in the car and took off, and it disappeared again as we went further into town. Again we shrugged it off. We decided to go to McDonald's and forget about it.

It was a nice enough night, so rather than eat in the restaurant, we decided to drive around and park in the back of the building and eat outside. As we sat there and ate, mulling over what had happened, we look up and there it is again.

This time, it was in the sky resituated to what would have been the right of the freeway again (we were now sitting with the freeway directly behind us and it was in front of us). It was further away now, but still clear as day in the sky. We watched it for twenty more minutes as it very slowly and silently made its way from one side of the sky to the other (crossing only a large field and some houses in that time frame before disappearing behind a hill), flashing at different intervals and intermittently changing color until it finally disappeared altogether. We never saw it again after that.

Apologies for the anonymity but I don't wish to be associated with the following.

Firstly, I would like to think I'm a reasonably credible witness, I've never tried LSD, I'm probably reasonably highly intelligent and build mathematical models (various uses) for a living and I grew up in an air force family - the latter means that I've always had an interest in fast jets and could name them all from the age of 5.

Secondly, I've seen plenty of fast jets in action at close range while walking in the Scottish highlands and the north of England.

Thirdly, I'm somewhere between outright sceptic and agnostic on the alien thing.

So... time for the story.

Six months ago, I walked out of my back-door into the garden and caught something moving in the corner of my eye, travelling at speed in the half-light of a summer night sky.

Looking at it directly, it was a perfectly triangular aircraft, a dull-grey (raw or burnished metal) with no lights or markings, I would guess that, tip-to-tip it was around 60ft . By my estimation, it was flying at approximately mach 3 at an altitude of around 500ft.

My first reaction (given previous experience with fighter jets) was to immediately put my hands to my ears as sonic booms are generally loud as hell. There was no sound, no boom/no engine noise.

It then gained altitude into some cloud cover and did not appear on the other side - I guess it went vertical (or stopped dead?).

Reflections on the experience...

  • it was definitely a UFO (unidentified and flying object)
  • Was it alien in origin? On balance, I think it was probably some sort of earthly experimental stealth aircraft. The lack of sound did make me wonder otherwise though.

I had a very close encounter with a UFO when I was a child, in August 1983. I was on holiday with my family at the seaside in Celle Ligure, Italy. We were invited for an after dinner at some relatives of ours who had an apartment in the same little street were we had rented one. It was about 10PM, nobody around, it was already dark and I was chatting with my parents on a balcony on the 3rd or 4th floor (I don't remember this very well). A small glowing object (1 m or so in diameter) appeared out of nowhere in front of us, hovering in the middle of the street at about 15m from the ground and less than 10m (30 feet) far from us. It immediately started spinning at an incredible RPM without making any sound. It looked like a spinning top, but ... made of light. I clearly remember that the object had a sort of halo around it. I kept my eyes locked on it during the whole time, speechless. It lasted ~10 sec in total. Then the object literally disappeared. It didn't go left or right, up or down, it just vanished as it was sucked up ... out of existence. While vanishing, it emitted a sort of flash of light. This single event, later, motivated my interest in becoming an aerospace engineer.
Let me say, I strongly believe that what we saw that night was extraordinary, a truly out-of-this-world experience. It was right in front of us, a solid rotating hovering object, not a natural ball lightning or anything like that. The halo that was surrounding it was presumably created by some sort of field, probably electromagnetic in nature, able to ionize the air and create some sort of plasma sheath around it. At least, this is the scientific interpretation I could now give to the phenomenon, given my professional experience with plasma and flow modeling. What remains totally unexplained to me is: how could this object just appear in a blink of an eye and disappear?
At the time of the sighting, I was a 8-year old child, not really interested neither in space nor in aliens and I quickly forgot what happened. However, the whole event came back to my memory 4–5 years later. Once we were invited, in Turin (my hometown), by my favorite uncle. He used to spend a couple of weeks with his wife every summer staying in the same apartment in Celle where we were hosted during that famous sighting. He was also there in 1983, but later, once we had already left. At his place in Turin, I was reading something about paranormal phenomena in an encyclopedia he had (i.e. Dimension X). My uncle suddenly stopped me, grabbed another book of the same series and pulled out an old piece of paper from it on which he had sketched a UFO in great detail, and on which he had taken note of the exact date/time he did it. He told us that one night, in 1983 (what a coincidence...), he was drinking a beer on the same balcony I mentioned before and while looking around he noticed a flying disk with a dome, hovering at less than 100m in the sky on his left side. The object was spinning very slowly and, while doing so, it was spreading multi-colored lights from something he described as small windows. He quickly called his wife and, once she joined him on the balcony, he asked her to look up and tell him whether she could see the same thing. She confirmed. After a total of 30–45 seconds from the beginning of the sighting, the object quickly increased its RPM, turned into a glowing light ball and accelerated towards its right, disappearing from view at what he described as an incredible rate of speed. In fact, the experience got even creepier than this. My uncle had troubles sleeping during the same night and, while suddenly opening his eyes, he saw what looked like a human figure made of light hanging on the wall at the feet of the bed. The strange figure disappeared in a blink of an eye, so that my uncle thought he had had some sort of hallucination. To his great surprise, the morning after he heard his wife speaking about a strange dream she had had in which she saw what was looking like a "Jesus Christ with a beard seemingly made of fire" (her exact words) hanging in their bedroom... Weird, isn't it? Her dream perfectly resembled his "hallucination".
Needless to say, I am totally convinced that UFO are real. Many of them are very likely not from this planet, perhaps even able to travel between multiple dimensions (if you believe it or not, there are unclassified docs on the official FBI website speaking about inter-dimensional beings...), but some are probably man-made and developed within some highly classified programs. Advanced theoretical physics, such as string theory, admit the existence of multiple dimensions and it is not unlikely that advanced alien civilizations, 100's or maybe millions years ahead of us in technological development, have managed to fully figure out how to exploit warp drive, wormholes, remote viewing or some singularities that we don't know yet to bypass any space/time/dimension boundary or constraint (e.g. speed of light).
Whatever ridicule/indifference media, politics and mainstream science have created around this phenomenon is totally misleading and carefully orchestrated. A part from my personal experience, what convinces me is that evidence (which is what a researcher looks for), if one seriously looks for it without prejudices, is just overwhelming. Radar records, tons of unclassified documents released online (but not sufficiently advertised) by various agencies (e.g. NSA, FBI, CIA, CNES - French space agency- you can research it by yourself directly on their websites), video testimonies of hundreds of very reliable people that have no apparent reason to lie (former USAF officers, military and civil pilots, policemen, astronauts like Gordon Cooper, Buzz Aldrin and Edgar Mitchell, politicians such as former Canada's Minister of Defense, etc.), ancient relics (especially from African, South American and Middle East civilizations) and paintings clearly resembling flying saucers, spacecrafts or rockets (in times in which those vehicles should have been totally unimaginable), extraordinary footage and pics sometimes taken with infrared cameras, snapshots from ISS, Solar orbiters etc. etc. And new evidence is just popping up day after day. Then, if in order to believe, some people are waiting for UFOs to land in their garden or for NASA spokesmen to admit publicly what they already know, you might wait forever...

Small update: I have recently convinced another uncle of mine to send me a copy of a video (1:40 min long) he shot himself back in the early 2000's in Abbi Addi (Ethiopia). He was outside on the balcony of a hotel with his sister and they were looking at the Moon sometime around 6AM. What he got with his videocamera is honestly one of the best UFO footage I have ever seen. In order to get me a digital video he played his original tape on his old video player and recorded the TV screenshots with the iPhone. In the video, you see a luminous object appearing from the top left of the screen, high in the sky. It immediately disappears and then reappears again at a lower altitude. When the camera zooms in, the object appears to be moving in a fuzzy way and even disappearing/appearing again. I also have a slowed down version where the object movements appear to be even frenzier. The object seems to change shape, probably just a visual effect due to those very rapid movements or due to some sort of field which is surrounding the object and is able to bend the light depending upon the viewer's LOS (is this perhaps due to some sort of gravitational wave generated by the object? It could be a reasonable explanation since only gravitational fields are able to "bend" the light, as far as I know). The object is clearly not just a light, but solid and probably reflecting light more than producing light by itself. A metallic reflexion is clearly visible on it for most of the time. With a naked eye, my source told me that the object looked like a large metallic disk. For the moment, I am not allowed to upload the video or share it publicly but I will share it if I get the permission from my source to do so.

Yes. I have Without a Doubt - seen a UFO. But to be clear, I want to separate seeing an Alien, from seeing a flying saucer. For all I know our Government is making this stuff. I also found surrounding details to be just as interesting. I added them to the bottom. But what I saw blew my mind.. I saw a craft that you would see right out of a Science Fiction movie. And I saw it Close Up!

I was with my Friend/Roommate, Andrew (not his real name.) We were sitting opposite each other, chatting one night on our steps in Brooklyn (Bay Ridge) about 4 years ago. He was facing down one side of the street, I was looking down the other. I then suddenly saw his face change (my back was to what he was looking at) I watched his face morph into surprise, shock, disbelief. I then turned around to see what he was looking at.. I saw a disc shaped craft, like you would see in the movies. It had some markings that I could almost make out, So it was very close.. it was moving very slowly, but it was moving.

I saw it for about 6 seconds. Andrew saw it longer for almost ten. We both took off down the street to get a better look and it disappeared. After seeing it I tried to find an image of what I saw using google images. The closest thing I could find was this, minus all the Christmas stuff and it was a ring, so you could see through the center.

Redirect Notice (Original Image)

The smaller UFO in the bottom right side was about how far I was from it.. This is why I couldn't make out the markings. Also it was hollow in the middle, so it was a ring, and what wasn't Blue was colored white. The blue seemed to be its propulsion. The blue color in the image was almost identical to what I saw. Here is a Photo-shopped version I just made to give you an idea. I put the words "strange markings" from where i saw some type of writing.

My grandfather has seen a UFO. It is a sixty years old incident.

The UFO sighting took place in 1957. My grandfather was a collage student then. He was studying in Birala Vishvakarma Mahavidhyalaya (BVM) collage of Vallabh Vidhyangar, Gujarat, India.

Here is its location :

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