Has anyone sighted a UFO? People don't believe me but I have seen seen it twice.

There should be no social stigma associated with sighting a UFO. They could very well be human technologies now in 2017. Yes, I have seen numerous UFOs. I h

ve also heard reports from friends who are very mainstream. My first was seen in end of 2012. It changed my life in many ways, the most important was that it forced me to be open minded about such things. Either I there I was totally crazy or I just saw a flying object of a type I had never before seen moving in ways I had never seen flying objects move. I now have lost track with how many I have seen., have many pictures and videos. If you email me I will send you a link to a video I made that includes the 90 seconds of infrared video I made of a ufo sighting. I am not sure if we're allowed to post links here witness@cloudofiron.com


If you mean an intelligently controlled alien vehicle, then yes I have seen one. And many others have too. There seem to be a wide variety of shapes, not just the popular saucer.

Mine was cylindrical, like a cigar tube. Very large (1000ft) but very slow moving, while I lived in Wiltshire. Two of my siblings saw much smaller, faster disks a few metres across, when we were in Hampshire (UK).

Test your sighting against all possible human devices including drones and Chinese lanterns. You may be a fortunate sighter . Prepare to be disbelieved!

Our perceptions are very easily deceived. There have been many sightings of UFOs, and this is what they are; Unidentified Flying Objects. You don't know what they are, but that doesn't make them into alien space craft from other worlds. Be very careful about what you assume.

I have seen many UFO reports, and for some reason, they always seem to be documented by the worst, blurry and fuzzy photographs imaginable. Some that have seemed clearer have been debunked as "Photoshoped" pictures. I don't disbelieve the possibility of alien craft from a more advanced life form, but I have yet to see believable evidence of one being sighted here.

They won't believe until they see so don't even bother, never underestimate the power of cultural indoctrination on humans. Most people do not dwell on issues and mainly go with the flow.

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