Has anyone tried Emsculpt? Can an average guy with some excess belly fat really lose 20% of it and get their abs toned after 4 sessions. Is emsculpt a scam? Since it's FDA approved, it must be effective to lose belly fat , right?

Do you remember Slendertone (still available) - pads that provide muscle-stimulating pulses ...

I have personally treated all these types of muscle toning and weight-loss solutions with scepticism.

Emsculpt essentially causes 20,000 muscle contractions in 30 minutes

They say that with Emsculpt you essentially get the same look and feel that comes from exercising and dieting for six months! Do you believe that?

Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to trigger muscle contractions, the same as many similar marketed solutions.

Apparently results are fairly instant, and so is the reduction in yor bank balance!

These solutions offer amazing promises, but likely provide very little real-life difference to your overall physique.

If you want my opinion - save your money!

Start reveiwing your dietary nutrition and follow a regular exercise plan, especially one which you will enjoy challenging yourselve on.

If you start eating healthy, slowly cut down on the junk, i.e. sugary snack foods and reduce your intake of carbs from bread, pasta, rice and potato.

If you balance your diet with exercise such as HIIT (perhaps 2–3 times per week) and some weights (perhaps twice per week) you'll notice a real difference!

Give yourself around 3 months.

You'll feel better, you'll start seeing positive physical changes and you'll feel more confident PLUS you'll have saved yourself a shed load of cash!

Don't be fooled by the offer of an instant fix!

Hope this helps :-)

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