Has anything ever made you regret getting a dog?

Yes and no. My dog is one of the best things that has ever happened to me considering I'm an extreme introvert and super single. He's been a good reason to get me out in the world simply because he needs his exercise and I don't like hiking solo. I think he filled a void in my life in terms of taking care of something outside of myself and becoming more responsible (a dog is a good "starter pack" especially for teaching kids responsibility).

The "no" aspect is that I was so attached, when circumstances had it where I couldn't take care of him, for a period of time, I was broken when I had to give him to someone else while I dealt with my own stuff. Dogs (and any animals) are a responsibility and it's difficult when you become attached and life circumstances don't allow you to be the best provider for them.

I don't know your situation. I would say that many people who regret getting, dogs off the bat, have gotten one and find them to be the "shiny and new" thing that eventually fades. Whether it's a present for your kids or fulfilling an urge to have a pet. It all depends on the dog itself. Age, breed, temperament, etc. A lot of people pick a dog because they are drawn to the breed but the breed might not fit your lifestyle. I would suggest picking a dog out based on their behavior and what fits your lifestyle over one that you're attracted to based on looks/breed.

For instance, if you go to work for long periods, find a dog that is more mellow and maybe even a little older (not necessarily a senior dog) that can stand to hang around the house and sleep all day while you're at work. If you have kids, find one that enjoys that level of excitement and activity (not necessarily a puppy).

My two cents is to not get a dog from a breeder. I think that market is way too saturated and, from many experiences, the dogs are more likely to end up with some kind of condition (mental or physical...lots of inbreeding). My childhood was filled with dogs from breeders and the majority had to be put down way to early due to neurological and physical disorders that we couldn't take care of (not to sound pretentious but coming from a family that could afford some big time vet bills). I don't want to be some ASPCA advocate. I do think there are some reliable breeders. I just think that there's too many people set on the breed/looks department and you really don't know what you're getting.

That was long winded...if you've read this far, here's my takeaway: only regret of gettin a dog is the fact that they're a big responsibility and you need to be prepared just as much as having a child as they require many of the same things. Too many people find them disposable and send them to a shelter if they can't handle it. So, don't get one if you're not ready. I don't know if that helps. Or if that even answered your question in the context you wanted. Sorry if it didn't.

This made me giggle & Thank U because initially this is a good memory tho it actually was a roller-coaster ride of emotions powerlessness & fear...so in my 31yrs with Steve we only had dogs...1st Rocky was a true APT 2yrs old terribly mistreated & 45 kilos of pure power.. Steve brought him home frm working at Tattoo Palace A'dam & he lived with us till his death in Steve's arms at 14yrs old then we got out 1st pup ever a APTx called Tattoo or Twatoo for short hehe..now Steve was already ill at this time had small wonds on his legs that Twats would lick & Steve ended up with a 5 yr undiagnosed Pasturella Multocida infection which blew his weight up by 26kilos so he coughed & broke 2ribs 1 side 3 the other on 1 day!! when he was practically nearly dead & having mega breathing problems he ended up in Beverwijk hospital because we lived in Holland then...this made us revalue our Pet..9 days later & much intravenous antibiotics my hubby was himself & well again..we never got rid of Twats tho we discussed the possibility because of this scare & eventually he out lived Steve by just under a year..but this episode really made us contemplate our Pet.. But our love for Twats won out so my answer is no nothing ever made us/ me reget having Doggies..they give so much back & have enriched my life..

Yes. She takes up a lot of time, money, and has ruined several of my kiddo's toys. She is a picky eater. If we feed her the same food for a period of time, she'll go on a hunger strike to get a different type of food. I brush her outside every other day and wipe down her coat daily before letting her in the house to sleep at night. I have limited free time as I work full-time outside the home and am married with a young child. Having to spend time caring for a dog puts even more on my full plate. We got a dog because we got robbed. Our dog is a working dog; she watches the house while we are gone all day during the week.

Very very rarely. Mine is 8 months old now and she's a great puppy. The first few weeks were tough but I expected that now that she's old enough to kinda roam around it makes the responsibility a little easier. I can get a bit annoyed by her barking but that's just because she's a lab and wants to play. She'll cuddle up with you and loves everyone. With her being a lab I don't have to worry much about her in dog parks and around people. The only thing I really fear is if anything happens to her and especially when she dies. You will always get attached to pets and their deaths will leave a hole in your heart.

Here she is, by the way, her name is Sophie.

We rescued a terrier from a shelter about 3 months ago, she is reasonably well behaved but is very clingy and wants constant attention. When she does not get it, she will chew on something that is not hers or go to the bathroom in the house. She needs to be walked a minimum of 3 times a day, usually more and you must always be cognizant of the amount of time she spends alone and shuffle schedules accordingly.

So yes, I do have regrets about getting a dog but they pale in comparison to the joy she brings us and the feeling of wholeness in the family.

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