Has computer made our lives, easier or complex?

Not Simple but a lot Simpler

  1. You are using your Quora only because of computers.
  2. You can pay your Bills online and avoid long queues because of Computers.
  3. You can Watch your Favorite movie on Netflix only because of Computers.
  4. You can Book your Bus , Train and Flight tickets from mobile phone only because of Computers.
  5. You can play Grand theft Auto only because of Computers.
  6. You can sell my old Products on OLX only because of Computers.
  7. ATM are possible only because of Computers.
  8. You can send a message to lover one in less than second only because of Computers.
  9. In medical MRI and DNA testing becomes less complex only because of Computers.
  10. Encyclopedia got replaced by Wikipedia only because of Computers.
  11. You can do online shopping only because of Computers.
  12. Transfer money to anyone in the world. Instantly only because of Computers.
  13. Rewinds your decade old Pics only because of Computers.
  14. Our world is becoming better day by day only because of Computers.
  15. You Manage your Business efficiently only because of Computers.
  16. Bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry page, Jeff bezos, Sergrey Brin, Larry Ellison and many more are billionaires only because of computers.
  17. At last today I got my first salary from Infosys only because of Computer.

I Will add more points soon.

PS : Sorry for grammatical errors.

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