Has keto diet worked for fat loss?

YES. It does work. I lost 96 pounds with low carb keto diet. However, this diet is very hard to stick to because of lack of meals and time to prepare time. You need variety of low carb meals to succeed in keto diet or you will get easily bored. Angie's Low Carb 30 Minute Meals can help you to overcome with this problem.

Since we're all unique, testing out the diet for yourself is the best way to see if it will be effective for you. But in case you have any doubts, there is substantial scientific evidence that when keeping calories constant, the keto diet can lead to greater fat loss than higher-carb diets.

While you could notice results quickly, as a result of your body's switch to fat burn as a source of energy, sticking with a keto diet also offers plenty of long-term weight loss benefits. For instance, if you tend to put on weight due to mindless snacking or overeating, adopting a keto diet could help you kick that habit. It's easy to feel full when you're following a keto diet plan, so appetite suppression is a natural side effect.

When your body is in ketosis, you'll also benefit from a natural metabolism boost. Your body will burn an average of 250 more calories per day just performing essential functions. If you aren't supplementing that extra energy burn with additional calories, you could be increasing your weight loss potential without even knowing it.

If you currently eat a standard diet with a typical nutrient balance, you might find that your blood sugar tends to be all over the place. When your blood sugar drops, you might be tempted to grab a snack or ingest some carbs to keep your energy levels up. Since it restricts carbs significantly, a keto diet has the added benefit of blood sugar regulation. While that can be great for feeling more balanced in the short term, over time, lower blood sugar can contribute to everything from better sleep to a lower risk for many chronic conditions.

Ketosis can also affect hormone regulation, which can help your weight loss efforts even more. Your body depends on hormones like cholecystokinin, which makes you feel full and triggers fat and protein digestion. Though weight loss often leads to lower levels of cholecystokinin, which can prompt you to eat more, ketosis helps you maintain higher levels of cholecystokinin so you feel full without having to go back for dessert or raid the kitchen late at night.

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