Has someone ever cheated on you but you were unable to prove it? What happened?

Yes. She met a guy on the old mxit app back then when whatsapp was still a pipe dream. Eventually went to meet the guy. On that day in question, she purposely did not take her phone with her so not to be called by me. The chat "friend"drove her to a secluded place and forced her to have sex with him.

He dropped her off at a gas station from where she called me from a pay phone. I went to get her, and she told me the whole story. I took her to the cops where the whole Rape-kit thing was done on her. She could not remember any distinctive marks or anything about the guy. (false name too, of course) Did not see his vehicle registration plates...nothing. His Mxit profile was also deleted on that same day. She was traumatised and I felt obligated to stand by her as she was my gfrnd. It took about 3 months before she got better...and I stood by her side every step of the way. After she got better, I sat down with her and had a serious talk. Told her that I am sorry for what happened to her, but from hereon out, our paths are going to go into different directions. I let her down easily and although she was very broken up, she understood. That was in 2010 and I am with someone whom I married in 2016.

Cheating is a dangerous game... social media platforms, just as dangerous if you are not vigilant.

That was my experience

Only one person has cheated on me in all this time.

I considered it proven, so the answer is no.

here's the proof.

I can't reach him the last 3 days of a 3-week business trip. I call everyone on that last day because he was on parole and one possibility was he got arrested. That night the last person I think to call is a mutual friend we don't see that much. He chatted with him on adam4adam, a gay "dating" site. I hop on a4a and there he is. I comment to him. He doesn't answer. I comment again. nope. third time's a charm. Sends only his full name, sort of a weird quirk he has.

I fly home fucking steaming mad.

Uber lets me out, I open the front door. Shoes I don't recognize.

that's probable cause (which I don't need, but there it is).

I notice he's left his gmail open. under the circumstances, fair game. he's also left adam4adam open.

Messages from before I went on the trip are there setting things up. they were very clear.

Next morning just after 1 am, he shows up unlocking the back door. They had the same key...no reason to not use the front - this is a very small house and i'd see him come in either way.

he denies. we get consumed with him trying to cook up some sort of excuse to parole, the meeting with which is in a couple days. one of the possibilities was (he said he was a genius for thinking this up) us staging a 2 car accident with each other so he could be in the er for treatment. That ingenious plan was vetoed instantly.

He goes to meeting. back to prison

then a week later i get a call from county with the big sob story. I (←--sucker) tell him don't worry i'll send him a few bucks.

and I do, but I'm not fucking giving up till I get an explanation, and that's the source of 9 months of fighting over the phone.

About 5 weeks into it I am asked am I sitting down or driving. I'm laughing to myself. He explains what happened. Sex but not cheating. I think I started laughing right there on the phone. It was about the need to sit down. I was thnking "that all you got?".

I didn't confront him with all of it, since his claim that him getting upset and crying in prison was dangerous, and I gave him BOD on that one. But I wanted to know why and also why it would not happen again - not just the claim that it wouldn't. that lasted the remaining 8 months. I knew I was driving him away by badgering him but I'm more important to me than he is, and I was not going forward without the required warranty.

about a week after he got out and settled in some, I again insisted on how I wanted it to go. And he kept showing signs of wanting to play around.

I got tired of it and changed the locks.

I had proof positive. He would have lied for the rest of time if I had let him.

I literally just got divorced on Friday. My husband is going through a mid-life crisis and he destroyed our family. I think that he found someone else because there was no real reason to leave our marriage.

I was also in a relationship for 3 years with a guy that I'm pretty sure cheated on me a couple of times with different girls. Because he's the type of guy that does cheat. And one time when I didn't spend the night with him he let this heroin addict girl spend the night at his house that he used to have sex with.

I'm also convinced that he cheated on me with this girl named Mary that used to be my friend. Mary would come over to his apartment and hang out with them all the time when I wasn't there and I knew that she was attracted to him. One time she pull their shirt off in front of him in her bra so a guy could give her a massage.

Then I was in another three-year relationship with a guy that cheated on me all the time with just about anybody that he could get to sleep with him. She cheated on me with his Burley married male parole officer and he also cheated on me amazingly with his math teacher at his state school he had to go to when he was locked up. And the teacher was also married and had kids but he also had my boyfriend's name tattooed on his butt. He got away with it by telling his wife that my boyfriend was the student that touched his life the most and he never wanted to forget him and he wanted to honor him. of times I actually caught him. And then a couple of times he confessed to it and I was dumb enough and kept staying with him because I loved him. So I know that there's a lot more out there that I didn't know about. He's even tried to sleep with my friend and she told me about it.

I don't I don't date criminals anymore by the way. The marriage that just ended was with a very successful and law-abiding man.

Feel free to reach out me as I am wiling to share my experience on how I was able to resolve my predicaments, i won't hesitate to give my advice and opinions. I believe if you care about someone, at some point in time we tend to be naive and ignore a whole lot of stuffs because we believe we're in love! I was able to gain access to my wife's facebook account and Google hangouts when she started paying less attention to me few weeks to our marriage. It hurts to be taken for granted especially when you've invested a lot time and energy to make sure it works and i can tell you i know how it feels like when it doesn't work out.

Yes i was once in this situation about 2 years ago. Typically when its a gut feeling its there to tell you something isnt right with your partner and about the whole relationship your in. Dont subside such a feel because usually that feeling is saying im right unless proven inoccent. No one in a healthy relationship would have to go through this. No partner is worth your time for one second if they even think to cheat or act upon it. After so long my mans bullshit at the time i broke up with him. I realized I was worth so much more than I ever gotten from that man

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