Has someone ever just disappeared from your life without warning? How did you cope with it?

My ex and I had a roommate named Pat. We also had one other male roommate and we all were friends. So it was myself and three guys who were all struggling pilots.

After some time, we all started to notice how Pats stories never lined up. He fake sicknesses, rich relatives, travel stories and girlfriends. Things just stopped lining up.

One day he got really drunk and said that he was actually a trust fund baby and would be worth 100 million when he got his trust.

We laughed it off as another one of his tall tails. After all, the guy was barely making it. He was renting a crappy little room, flying for a crappy cargo airline and driving an older truck.

Eventually he did get on with Southwestern and we all went out for Thai food before one of his flights one evening.

He said a rushed goodbye and that he'd see us in a few days for dinner.

That was the last time I ever saw or heard from my friend Pat.

After 3 months of no word and us trying to locate family, we finally got to his father.

Pat had left behind around $50,000 worth of items from fishing gear to guns to his truck.

When we spoke with his dad, he said, if he left the title, mail it to me and he'd sign over the truck.

So we did and we found ourselves with a bunch of expensive stuff that no one had known about.

I guess Pat was known to do this. Moved to a new place, make friends and then disappear with no warning. He had done the same thing in Florida, New Orleans and Tennessee just to make a few.

His father shared some concern, but said there was nothing the family could do.

So, after some research we figured out he really was a trust fund baby. His family owns an insurance company that has been around for years. He just never talked about it.

Him leaving like that always left a little gap in my heart.

This was a guy that I had spent countless hours with, staying up late into the night and he was just gone like that.

Cheers to you pat, I hope you are happy wherever you are.

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