Has there ever been a black school shooter in America?

Those are not school shooters though. There are certainly students shot and killed who attend inner city schools (which tend to have more minority students) or poor schools but most of them are killed in street crime or gang activity outside of school.

Of the two examples you gave, Colin Ferguson is similar to the stereotypical school shooter/mass murderer in his choice of action and victims (see next paragraph) but he did not shoot up a school, therefore not a school shooter. Muhammad and Malvo I would characterise as serial killers rather than mass murderers us to the way their crimes were spread out over time and location.

Mass murderers in general (that is, a sudden concentrated incident of one person attacking multiple people in a short span of time), of which school shooters are a subset, tend to target locations and the random people within as symbols of everything they are angry at, and for whatever reason the schools that are targeted seem to be in more affluent suburban areas.

From a 2012 Psychology Today articles about school shooters: "Several shooters have had African heritage. In 1984, Tyrone Mitchell, an 28-year-old African American man opened fire on a school yard in Los Angeles, shooting 12 people. Marc Lepine's father was from Algeria; Lepine conducted his rampage at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal in 1989. Peter Odighizuwa, who killed people at the Appalachian School of Law in Virginia in 2002, was Nigerian. Latina Williams, mentioned above as a female shooter, was also African American."

The article also notes that there are a fair number of school shooters who have been of other non white ethnicities but that most of them have occurred at colleges or grad schools where the sort of stereotypical school shooter targets a high school and so may not be thought of in quite the same way that the mind leaps to Columbine or last week's incident when one hears the word "school shooting".

Yes, several. Here is a compilation of school shooters who were not "white males" (obviously prepared to counter the claim that all school shootings are perpetuated by white males).


It is useful to note the ethnic demographics of the United States - Whites comprise about 75% of the population, Black or African American about 13%, Asian (East and Indian) about 3% and the rest are others or biracial. This is important because it allows one to make predictions - if every group commits an act at the same rate, then you can predict how many will occur by their contribution to the overall population (i.e. "70% of the population is white, therefore 70% of (fill in the blank) should be committed by whites."). This is called "prevalence."

The list above shows a startling number of Asians given their prevalence in the US and also puts to bed the idea that only white males are school shooters - it does show that violent acts are typically committed by males of all stripes.

Quite frequently, several of the school shootings, normally of a totally different character, some involving gangs, some in response to bullying, but usually with direct targets occur. Most illegal shootings in some places like Chicago are done by African-American males, mid teens to early twenties, normally shooting other African-American males, mid teens to early twenties. The shootings can take place anywhere they frequent, including parks, schools, block parties, barbeques in back yards, alleys and very frequently right out in the streets.

During the peak of the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, it was frequently pointed out that an African-American, 18 to 25, was demographically SAFER in as a soldier deployed in those countries as opposed to being in certain neighborhoods in Detroit, Chicago, DC, and Houston.

This is a horrific tragedy that has been going on for several decades, rising most heavily in the 1990's, but continuing and it's not being addressed because it's not politically correct.

Without these sorts of homicides, the US would have a very, very low rate of gun violence.*

Related, there have been many school shooters of different ethnic groups, Native Americans, Hispanics, Whites and Asians. The worse school shooting thus far, was committed by a Korean American at Virginia Tech. Interestingly, for many years, the highest number of people killed by a deranged active shooter was in a very gun restricted country, Korean, where a Coastal Defense guy snapped and killed people with both firearms and bayonets. However, there was some argument made that a mad man in Africa killed many more with an AK in a solo murder spree.

*People put suicide into gun violence stats to increase the numbers dramatically, but suicides are generally not a risk to non participants in the general public.

It's about 1 out of 4, I think. All six school shooters in my state have been minorities, if I recall correctly.

However, instead of "psychotic troubled teen" it is usually labeled "gang violence"...a big part of the problem with the criminal justice system.

Every single day they shoot each other in all cities across the country.

Yes, recently.

Actually school shooters are quite diverse in race, gender, and education.

The most notorious of black school shooters are Tyrone Mitchell, and Latina Williams. There was the kids in 2002 , an Algerian, that opened fire in West Virginia. If you are interested in this topic it is worth research!

I don't think we should make these problems an issue of race or gender, because no community is immune to bad deeds.


There are also more black serial murders than there are white serial murders and more black spree shooters than white.

I know I just blew your mind but all this is true. Search it honestly and you'll see it for yourself.

A better question is why don't you know this? Why does the media choose not to cover this information? Well it did all the time when I was young, and then there was a shift in how the media covered information when it moved to "info-tainment" and could be purchased by the highest bidder for political discourse.

Yes I'll get hate for this response and frankly I don't give a shit. Facts are facts despite peoples emotional and childish reactions.

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