Has your partner ever cheated on you while you were 'taking a break'?

My ex did. We had a fight one morning, and I stopped talking to him and blocked him on my phone. That same night he slept with his ex gf.

He told me this a week later when we met after he called me and we both missed each other. At first he lied and said they just made out, then he said how he was texting me but I wasn't responding, while she was ‘ luring' him and he thought I was out with someone else... then after 2 days of him acting super strange I figured he had slept with her. He admitted.

I never got over how messed up it was and we still decided to be together but it was just not good ever since.

if you are taking a break, then the person is free to do what they want. It sucks, but that's the way it is..

So, it's not really cheating if you're not together.

In some cases, the couple takes time apart while agreeing to be faithful.

but most of the time, they don't.

I'm sure it hurts tho.. you might want to look at why they did that and consider if the person is someone you want to get back together with..

What was the strangest cultural thing you have experienced as a foreigner/visitor in the United States?

Humans being treated as humansIt doesn't matter whether you're a janitor, a construction worker or a doctor, you'll be treated equally. Which unfortunately is not true in India. Sex ratio When you leave your house and go to any public place, you'll find an approximately equal

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Germany would have won World War 2 and will turn their sight on the soviet's and without a western and northern african front to focus on they use all their resource on the eastern front which will end in a somewhat of a german victory but i doubt the germans would have push

Have you ever felt you mastered something?

When I was seven, I taught myself to type fairly quickly because I hated not being the best by a mile at the typing course in school. I was moderately confident I was the best typist in the world for nearly a decade-I didn't really talk about it, y'know, just carried a secret sense of