Have I ever been in love?

You are just 23 dear
don't think so much
first of all if u dont kw what changed in u
than remember abt the fights which you had with her wat made her feel so
importance lackness
Less love n care
no time
may b a time ago you use to b more as she wanted n than you wen time moved things changed.

A man as lover is different n as husband is different
things time situtation must hv changed

no matter but wen she u dont love her you shud hv said her its only u and make here understand your sitution

Pyar karna aasan h but nibhana time k sath is the real love

If u still feel so much for her go n sitwith her love care her fight with her bt don't leave only becoz u felt for a min.
Ask yourself a simple question:
Do you genuinely wish good for her?

If your answer is yes, then you loved her. You still do. I cannot say whether in a romantic way or no. But I can say that it is perhaps a pure form of love. Because you want her to be happy. Irrespective of what your current relationship with her .

If your answer is no , then perhaps it was merely an infatuation. Infatuation is selfish. Love is selfless.
I think you have been in and out - of love. As a male it is very difficult to maintain an LDR which in other words is equal to platonic love. You need face to face intimate and hug. Probably, absence of it made you to show less interest which was sensed by your GF that has resulted in a break up. Good. Remember the proverb: 'A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.' Move on. Do not worry. Find a suitable flesh & blood GF whom you can meet, touch and talk and who will also return your love in equal measure and be happy.
What were your impressions of visiting Serbia?

I visited Belgrade in 2010 and 2011 for work meetings. Overwhelmingly, it felt like 1960s Britain, as seen on TV now. Everyone seemed smartly dressed, everyone was very polite and (almost) everyone seemed to smoke, pretty much constantly.

Have you ever built a house? What was it like?

My parents built all the houses we lived in. They always had a six month plan for us to move into the basement and more or less camp out. Then another 6 months for all the finishes in the real living area and then another

If mainland Britain had surrendered in WW2 would the Commonweath have fought on?

British Gold reserves were moved from London to Liverpool so thet in the event of invasion they would immediatly be shipped to Canada, in the darkest days of the war a plane was on permenent standby to transport the Royal family and the cabinet to Canada.Plans had been put in place to continue the war if the worse happened.