Have anyone ever back-stabbed you?

Oh yes! Like a million times. When I look back at those memories, am thankful that I got to experience all those bitter moments in life as without them I would still be naive and immature :)

Yes, my so called "Younger cousin sister" has backstabbed me a lot of times (Personally I feel ashamed to call her my sister). Infact, at a certain point of time, she used to backstab so much that I had a very bad relation with my dad for sometime. It has been more than 3 years I have blocked her everywhere and I have no plans to see her face again.

Fortunately .. NO

I never faced this thing in my life till now and I hope I never will.

I consider myself lucky to have some amazing people who really care for me and won't back stab me.


What are some terrifying experiences of the dark web you have had?

There was a site on the darkweb where admin used to be live for some moment and that site was made for providing all kinds of links to various pathetic sites. He used to look at the live chat and responded to

Did Russia invade Ukraine?

Short answer: no.Long answer:First of all, there should be plans for an invasion. Why should us do this? We have plenty of underpopulated territory, plenty of natural resources and, at the moment, plenty of industry (not plenty enough, of course, we should do better). Why would

What was your biggest culture shock moving from the United States to Belgium or vice versa?

The Belgians don't have French Fries. I mean in the USA, thousands of miles from France you can easily get French fries everywhere. But right next door to France in Belgium we asked for French fries and they said they don't have them.A rude waiter said to us