Have there been an US President, with no affiliation to either politics parties?

All the previous answers are correct.  Washington was not affiliated with any party because they really hadn't formed yet.  But they soon did right soon after his election when Hamilton, Adams, and others started the Federalist party and Jefferson, Madison, and others started the "Republican" party that eventually evolved to the Democratic party of today.  The Federalists withered away and morphed into the Whigs who were around until the Civil War.  Today's Republican part was started right before the Civil War.

How many species of human are there?

There is only one extant species of human, Homo sapiens (or Homo sapiens sapiens if you prefer). All other species within the Homo genus - e.g. Homo neanderthalensis and Homo floresiensis - are now extinct.The reasons for this are not clear, but presumably results from other species being out-competed by early

Is cloning an animal humane?

This is a weird question. The idea of being humane to an animal is one of treating it as a lifeform due respect and limited pain and suffering. Animals will still remain food, but can be raised and prepared for eating in the least violent process possible. Cloning deals with copying a