Have you ever accidentally start a fire while cooking?

Yes, the first time I shallow fried chicken I bumped the pan, spilling a little oil on the burner resulting in an oil fire. I was prepared. I had the chicken fryer's lid at the ready. I turned off the heat and covered the pan. I had and still have a small ABC fire extinguisher in my kitchen.

No, only in Sims :D

Yep. I don't even remember how it happened, but I set my oven on fire somehow and had to call a friend down the street and ask them nicely to bring me a fire extinguisher. They came running once they saw the flames shooting out the kitchen window (the oven was right beside the window). I turned the oven off and saved the kitchen, but yes, yes I did.

Is it worth visiting Mauritius?

Yes obviously it is :)It is a destination worth visiting for and specially for a honeymooners as they can get best honeymoon packages. Mauritius is considered to be a absolute paradise for the ones who love holidaying. Sandy beaches, palm trees and azure lagoons describe MAURITIUS. There are many places worth visiting

What do foreigners like about the United States?

I'm not a foreigner, but my cousin is and I can describe his experience when he came over to the United States for a visit.The huge diversity in landscapes and locations. In America we have forests, plains, beaches, mountains, deserts, massive

What's your favorite planet or space object in the observable universe?

Like many answers here, Earth is an obvious choice for me, considering how incredibly complex and interesting our planet is in just about every regard. It has large atmosphere with a dynamic climate and weather. It's surface features are wide and varied with tons of interesting geological & tectonic activity