Have you ever been scared of your own dog?

I've never been afraid of any of my dogs, but my last rescue (dog) and I had a couple of "come to Jesus" meetings before we came to understand each other. I had to understand that Jared ran from discipline (chasing him and calling him) and was "too smart" for recall so when he would get out of the yard, which was on rare occasions, instead I would get into my car. When I found him I would get out, open the door, and "invite" Jared to go for a ride. He would jump right in and we'd go for a ride. Never once did I scold him because he did what I asked him to do, which was "to get into the car". Had I disciplined him after he jumped in, he would've thought he was being punished for jumping in, which would've defeated the purpose.

I always remember what my girlfriend taught me when dealing with animals and that is, "always end on a good note" because that's what the animal will remember,

My suggestion for you, call a professional trainer to come and assess you and your dog. It may be that your relationship has evolved into a vicious cycle and all you two need is to understand each other instead of fighting against each other.

However, if the dog is temperamentally unsound and unstable and is truly aggressive and dangerous, you may have no other choice than to euthanize him/her. You don't want the liability of that dog attacking, mauling, and/or killing you or someone else.

No and due to the type of dog I wouldn't advise it as any vacancy for boss they will be happy to take if you fear your pet maybe you are not cut out to own a dog I've had to jump in and separate my dog and another going full ahead fighting and fear or hesitation will be sensed don't forget a dog can smell fear and tell when he grips you how hard he is biting by the speed the natural adrenalin goes I assure you confident alpha will always be given more obedience than submissive and fearful this is why I find myself saying constantly read learn know your breed their traits how they react and the reason the dog does as it does you understand why its half the battle otherwise you are only half informed and less able to understand it which will be scary

Not of my own dogs but I took in an adult rescue that I was told had no behavior problems. He went willingly into his crate as his space space and then turned imto a slavering, snarling, wild-eyed maniac when I walked near it.

It freaked my cat out horribly and and I decided then and there I could never trust him around Bud and called the foster to pick him up.

If it were one of my own, I'd have a pretty good idea of the offending stimuli and I'd remove it. They do give you clues.

However, if you feel unsafe, call in a behaviorist or licensed private trainer with good references. It could be any number of things but the good news is, they can be overcome with love and patience.

No...but I have Shelties. Have you ever met a Sheltie? They're like ‘Lassie' but much smaller. They are smart, sweet, eager to please, gentle and very non-aggressive. Plus they are small enough that if they get cheeky, you can pick them up to discuss it.

Here's a video I found online of a Sheltie puppy with a bird: look how gentle the puppy is with the bird. This is typical of the breed. (That said, I'm not entirely comfortable allowing this play because puppy could accidentally harm the bird - but it would not be intentional.)

We train protection dogs. We have multiple dogs around 8 all trained for something. The dog that was "mine" would get aggressive and it was progressively worse each time( started with him snapping aggressively all the way to him getting my hand good enough that I could not use that hand for a few days). Was I ever afraid of him (70lbs Belgian Malinois) no. I would stop him from getting me worse and hold him until he stopped. I have had many dogs try to get me and I have yet to be afraid of any of them.

Has a sitting US President ever visited Scotland?

Yes, indeed. Eisenhower even played a round of golf at Turnberry (now owned by Trump and where Trump's son is waiting for his Dad to meet him shortly) in 1959. This was during a weekend break at Culzean castle, also in Ayshire in the west

What is the sickest thought you have ever had?

This happened when I was, I 'unno, ten? Eleven, even? Anyway...I was in primary school and I was doing an art task, right? The teachers made us do this really corny topic. Said we had to paint the one person we cared about most. I had a long, hard think and couldn't come