Have you ever been arrested?

I was arrested years ago for drawing a knife on my friends.

I was classed by my school beforehand as having special educational needs.

These friends got on the bus with me after school and even led me to my own house. I didn't want them there but I for some reason couldn't tell them.

Once in, they helped themselves to the food, using the computer, etc.

They said "Oi (my name), get us a drink from the kitchen!"

I just felt so intimidated by these people so I went to the kitchen and got a bottle of Coke out the fridge. I also got a 7 inch knife out the kitchen and holstered it in my belt straps under my jumper.

I went back to the kitchen with the drinks and a few minutes later they started going through my mother's things and then messing around with the house phone.

At this point I drew the knife and told them to stop.

The taller kid grabbed the knife by the blade. I got worried he would cut himself grabbing so tight so I released my grip on it. The kid who was on the computer ran into the toilet and locked the door. The kid who now had a knife gave chase.

I felt I had to do something now. There's a kid with a known record running around my house with a knife.

I put on the thickest jacket in the room and grabbed a tall stool. I went upstairs carefully, aiming my stool up in fear of an ambush.

I saw the toilet was shut and locked. I saw the knifemen run into my bedroom. I got on the landing and saw him through the crease of my door with my aviator sunglasses on. I shouted "Drop the knife!"

At this point he stepped out and swung the knife at me. He jabbed at the stool so many times that the police counted 17 later on. Eventually he pushed the stool aside and brought the knife up to my neck. The kid in the toilet shouted "Call the police!" the knifemen responded by going towards the toilet. I took the chance to withdraw myself to the living room and call the police.

I barricaded the door with tables and chairs. I picked up a phone and called it in. The knifemen noticed this so he was making every effort to breach the door.

Eventually he made it through and shouted down the phone "It was just a joke!!"

I told him "Okay, if it's a joke step back and put the knife on the floor. Stay away from the knife." The kid followed these instructions and stood clear. I told 999 that he'd laid the knife down but they said they weren't cancelling the response.

I then looked down the communal staircase. A dozen officers were running up the stairs (one with a riot shield). I pointed out the kid with the knife and most of them went in. I was told to put my hands on the wall where I was searched.

He was taken at the same time as toilet boy, who said he had to be home.

We waited for my mother to arrive. They took the knife and the stool for evidence.

We went to the station (I was still only a witness). I told them I drew the knife first, at which point he went upstairs to his supervisor to discuss this. They decided to arrest me for questioning.

I was released after a few long hours and told to stay clear of the other kids.

Days later I was on the bus. I was at the front and they boarded together. Toilet boy told me to go to the back of the bus because of that order. I initially protested because I was on board first, but eventually I gave in so as to avoid another incident.

I was eventually cleared. This was not a nice experience.

If you randomly ask 5 people on the street if they have ever been arrested, most possibly 4/5 will say yes. Some people get arrested for crimes they do, some are just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I turned my life around after my second arrest (a bit more about this later). No matter how much stupid stuff I have done in my life, the only regret I have is getting arrested 2 times.

I am a successful ICU RN now with a BSN degree going for FNP. When I finished school, I had a very tough time convincing california board of nursing to let me take nclex because of my arrest record. they let me take it after about 8 months of convincing the hearing officer to approve my application. After I passed my Nclex I applied for a position at a certain hospital, and interview went fine, but they called and practically told me, they much rather hire another person for the same position because he does not have an arrest record and I do. Fair enough.

First time I got arrested was because I did not have any ID on my person when I got caught driving like in idiot (I was a teenager). The cop told me, if I had ANY ID to prove who I am he would just write me a reckless driving ticket (which is a misdeminor) but he was not going to arrest me. He took me to jail to finger print me to find out if I am who I say I am to him. As soon as they verified my identity, they gave me a ticket and sent me on my way.

The second time, I shoplifted from an electronics store and got arrested for a felony burglury even though the item i tried to steal was only $55. The DA wanted me to go to county jail for 6 months for practically petty theft, for which they usually give you a citation for. This has been the arrest that has hurt me the most. Since it shows I was charged with a BURGLERY(FELONY) it has created a lot of trouble for me with my personal life including my nursing career and becoming a citizen of America.

The worst part I came to find out, is that no matter how old you get, you can't completely erase this from your life. Yes, you can expunge it, but goverment institutions (like hospitals) see it, and they ask you to tell them what you expunged or else they don't hire you.

The reason why I became a nurse was because I realised that I am much better than a criminal and that I need to give back to society instead of hurting It. I save people lives now, and I am thankful to the lady at the board of nursing for giving me another chance at life. If I am going to teach one thing to my kids, its definately going to Include not to get arrested.

I got arrested and detained several times in my youth long ago including for:

•age 11-Petty Theft: I shoplifted at pricemart, got caught, fined 50$.

•age 12-Vandalism: I wanted to try graffiti and after a few weeks I was caught and fined, idk the amount as my Grandmother had payed it.

•age 13-Possession of Deadly weapon and Battery: I was involved in a small brawl and was caught with a knife however in court the charges were dropped because there were no witnesses to my use of one.

•age 14-Tresspassing, Self Endangerment, Intoxication, Possession of Controlled Substance: I was intoxicated on the side of a highway by my house and was arrested by a police officer and also charged with Possession because of marijuana residue on my clothing and pack.

•age 15-Disoderly Conduct, Menacing, Promotion of Violence, Criminal Mischief: This happened while I was in School. When one of my MySpace accounts was hacked, several pictures were put up which included threats. After I was able to prove I was hacked all charges but Disorderly Conduct (1 week detention).

Yes I have been arrested several times.

First arrest came when I was 17 my sister and I were arrested for robbery

second arrest. I was pulled over and did not have my license. I was charged with parole violation, and assualt.

third arrest: possion of meth, and resisting arrest.

fourth arrest and this one has the best story.

It was mid 2000 and I was in my home warching tv. My door begins to get banged on and it's police open up. I knew I was toast. I grabbed a kitchen tool, opened the door and swung nailed the cop in the face, then pulled out the whisk or something. I was takled and then razed when I refused rob comply with arrest orders.

5 arrest, met with my parole officar, and I assualted a lady that began to yell at me in thebpairle room, she ended up being pregnant.

6 arrêt dui

7 dui

8 i was court ordered to finish my parole in jail

9 misdomenr asaualt and testing arrest.

Yes. I let a speeding ticket go unpaid in my early 20's, forgot about it and eventually the process back then resulted in a warrant of committal for not paying the £28 fine.

A few years later, driving the girlfriend home, I took a light too fast right in front of a cruiser. As he wrote me up, he ran the routine checks and the warrant came up. Away I went at about midnight.

They took my glasses, belt, shoes and all my "property " I had with; put me in a cell ostensibly until morning. Some nice cop felt sorry for me I guess, called the county gaol and got them to let me pay my fine at about 2 am even though they don't take fine payments after hours. Cops drove me across town to the gaol, I paid my overdue fine and they drove me home as well. None of which anyone had to do.


Yes, it was a frustrating and humiliating experience. I had been harassing someone online in May-June of this year (2017) and went to a court date to get a restraining order where I made some arrangements with their lawyer to remove content and profiles I had made.

But then the Los Gatos Police Department, either through their own incompetence or something more intentional malicious, pursued this case anyway and I was arrested nearly four months after the activity took place. I was there for one night in a jail. The next day I was taken to court with many other inmates and let off on OR (Own Recognizance). But I will still have to deal with this case though it should work out for me in the end.

Long story short, police departments are a joke.

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