Have you ever been attacked by a bear while you were hiking in the woods and why did the bear attack you? Was it hungry or defending it's territory?

No. I would never go into bear territory unprepared to defend myself against a bear.

People who ask the question "WHY do bears attack" are just trying to "Justify" the bear's actions; as if to say, "The Bear had a right to attack because it was defending it's territory or it was hungry." But the truth is, why a bear attacks a human is an irrelevant question.

The plain and simple fact is; you only have one life and you don't get a do-over or respawn like in the video games. This means that you have the irrevocable right to defend your life by any means possible against anything that would seek to take it from you for any reason. So, why a bear attacks a human is of zero concern when your life is on the line. The only question that really matters is, are you prepared to defend yourself against a bear attack?

What foods can be eaten while on the Keto diet?

This is a really good question! First, it's important to understand what keto is. Keto is a low carb, moderate protein, and high fat way of eating. When beginning keto, most people should aim for these targets:Low carb: 20 grams per day or lessModerate protein:50–75 grams for women

Are rich people smarter than poor people?

A2A. Oh boy well you've tapped into a major positive prejudice in U.S. culture...the belief that wealth reflects some special quality in a person. Which is of course hardly ever true.In my experience, rich people are usually substantially dumber than poor people - or eventually become that way. Of course there are different

Why Nick Jonas married Priyanka Chopra?

Because he was not mature enough to decide what he wants and after marriage he is figuring out she was right for this marriage or not.Rumoured news says they are heading towards divorce because they feel Priyanka is a party girl and was not ready for this marriage and she keeps on controlling Nick.