Have you ever been caught cheating on your spouse, only to learn that your spouse was not mad because he or she had also been having an affair and you both agreed to continue the relationships?

After hiring Solution Provider by Marry Kate on The Solutions, I really didn't expect her to find out anything dirty about my ex husband but he did and they were shocking because he made it seem as if he was a victim and I an abuser, all with the aim of running away with all my money but I was smarter than him and left him with nothing because I was deeply hurt.

Is it a bad idea to get back together with an ex who left me for someone else?

I think that your ex clearly shows you that (she/he) has no interest in you, that's why (she/he) left you behind for someone else or maybe for another reason. I can understand that you might still have feelings for that person but getting back together won't be the best choice.Ask

Law: What does 'at-will employment' mean in an employee contract (India)?

Employment at Will means the employer or the employee can terminate their professional relationship at any time without any reason or concern. Employment at will is not valid in India, and even though the clause is mentioned, since the office is in India (i.e Bangalore), it falls under the territorial jurisdiction of the Indian courts. A notice