Have you ever been cheated out of a promotion?

Yes. I was a grant writer at a museum in Long Beach and my new boss told everyone I was a lousy writer and couldn't do the work. Then she put her own name on whatever I produced. She had no time to work herself because her days were consumed with standing in her doorway and talking with her BFF.

After I left, a colleague put forth some of my work forth at a company meeting without my name on it. Everyone commented on its excellence and jaws hit the floor when she told them who had written it.

The manipulative boss got her fired.

As it turns out, this evil woman hated me because I had been hired by her company rival.

And when they looked further into her background, they found out she had inflated her credentials...made them up, actually...and been fired from almost every job she ever had. She was finally kicked out and no one ever bothered to find out what happened to her.

What could have happened if Hitler had died before 1933 (for example during WWI)?

This is a hypothetical that would be impossible to discern. Something would have happened with the post-WW1 Tensions. Germany was stuck with ridiculous demands after WW1 ended. Making the Germans the responsible party bankrupted the nation and regardless if Nazism rose up in Germany tensions would have still been

What are culture taboos in the UK?

An interesting one centers on the use of ties. That is the (mostly male) strangling cloth you wind around your neck. Not the social ones, though they play heavily into this particular taboo.Ties in the UK, at least in certain circles, are markers of social belonging, of tribal identity. Patterns and colors can signify schooling background and college.

Do people with Asperger's usually have depression and anxiety?

I was diagnosed Asperger and I had depression for 3 years. I know some friends who have Asperger who experienced the same thing. The main difficulty with Asperger is belonging in social groups. Being apart from others is one of the