Have you ever been considered less attractive in another country than your own?

Possibly yes, but I don't have the stories to prove it because it was more like the lack of stories that indicate so. I visited the US (Connecticut, specifically) for approximately two months in 2010.

Here's a recent picture, but I was fatter than this when I visited the US:

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I grew up in Hong Kong and have been to USA for 7 years so far.

I do agree that under the white dominant society, Asian men are sometimes looked down for having darker skin, smaller & slimmer body frames, and less masculine voices etc. compared to the majority of white and black counterparts. Therefore, as Steven mentioned, it is true that Asian men are at the bottom of the dating pool.

Personally, even though I'm 26, I still have a pretty boyish look and feel (skinny, hairless body, and less manly voice/postures) which is also very common back in Asia and I wouldn't be considered less attractive at all for having boyish features. However, in USA, it's another case. These features are seemed to be less mature, not manly enough (as opposed to what gay men want to emphasize how masc (aka masculine) they are).

Don't get me wrong: there are still people who are into different type of guys (cuz people are all different). However, with that said, these non-mainstream minority characters as mentioned before will not make me prevail the standardized mainstream US male figure. Hence, I am ought to be considered less attractive in USA.

Example of what a generally considered handsome man in America looks like:

I haven't experienced this though I'm sure I probably wasn't paying attention enough to notice people's contempt or disdain for me. Growing up in the Southern US as a minority, you get used to this and ignore it.

I don't socialize enough to really notice either. Though I do admit that I think I seem more exotic to Europeans than I do to my fellow Americans. They seem to engage me more often than when I'm in the US but I totally they still look at me as if they're trying to figure out my nationality. I really can't tell.

Would have loved to give you a better answer, Steven de Guzman. That's all I got.

Ya. In Greece. I am invisible when I am there. Not one look, nothing. It is probably the only country I visited where I could go out in my PJs and no one would notice me. It doesn't bother me honestly but it is weird because in other countries I visited it is the complete opposite situation. Eh, that probably means that I can go out in pajamas and nobody will say anything.

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