Have you ever been evacuated from your home?

I've evauated from my home only once. When I woke up on a Sunday morning and saw this enormous storm on radar covering nearly the entire Gulf of Mexico, I decided to evacuate. Didn't evacuate for Betsy (1965) or Camille (1969). It takes a lot to make me leave my home.

Storms don't usually scare me, but Katrina did. We weren't able to come home for six weeks. Luckily, we had no water in the house and minimal damage to the roof. There was about 18 inches of water surrounding my home, but it's an old house and built on brick piers that raise the floors to about three feet above the ground.

I may or may not leave for the next big storm. It depends of my judgement of the dangers.

How does the odds system work?

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Did anyone see or feel a ghost?

I seem to have seen lots of ghosts in my time, or at least a few a whole lot of times since I lived for 25 years in a haunted house. The ghost of a young boy who used to live there used to drive me nuts when I was doing laundry in the basement by

Have you ever been so horny that you masturbated in a public place?

Have I ever been that horny?No.Have I thought about it?Not really.But hello, Tom! I would like to ask you some questions- not because I say what you do is bad or not bad, but because I'm curious to see what's in your mind. Why do you like exposing yourself? What made you start doing it in the first place?