Have you ever been misunderstood?

My Pastor was, by me, just this week actually.

My Pastor is from the United States with an accent - I am an Australian. Every now and then I don't catch what he says and he has to repeat it for me.

We took a one week holiday together in Malaysia, just me and him. During our week there I told him all about Quora as he had never heard of it before. He also saw me on the site answering questions and reading answers a fair bit too.

On our last day together, waiting for our flight home, at a busy and noisy airport, he asked me a question about our previous Church Pastor called Troy.

He said, "Is Troy in to porn?"

Huge space of time goes by as I struggle with this extraordinarily direct question regarding something I would know nothing about. "What did he just ask me?! Why is he asking me this?! How do I answer this?! Someone help me please!"

Eventually I said, "What?" with, apparently, a very strange look on my face.

"Is Troy into Quora?" he repeated

I told him what I had heard the first time and he roared with laughter and so did I.

The funny thing is; today we had a Church board meeting with some folk unable to attend. As we need a certain minimum for us to be able to vote, we were worried we might have to abandon the meeting.

My Pastor at one point yelled out to me from the other side of a crowded room, "We have a porn."

I quickly realised he actually said quorum. There is just something about the way he says QUOR that sounds like POR.


I am obsessed with porn (which I am most definitely not).

I feel like I have always been mis-understood and I'm not really sure why?! We live in a very egocentric society where everyone/everything has to fit this mold or standard if you will of beauty, success, etc. If a person doesn't, people automatically think it's something wrong with the person and not the world? I feel that because I don't meet society's standards, I am automatically ostracized for being, looking, and or acting different?! Everything has to be straightforward, in-tact, nothing can ever be wrong? And, unfortunately that has never been my life! I have flaws, I do want I what, and I'm different and I'm okay with that?! It's just that society isn't and its their lost....

This is both perpetual and, I believe, intentional on the part of the person who missunderstands me. I will give but the most recent example.

My daughter was in an Honor Band concert last night and one of the attendees decided to stream the concert over Facebook Live. Afterward the person in question said that there was no sound.

Due to the fact that We both turn off the sound on our phones during the concert, I asked if the sound on the phone was still turned off.

"The fact that you asked that... I'm not stupid."

I didn't say you were stupid. I looked for a best option for why there was no sound.

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