Have you ever been robbed abroad, as a tourist?

I have been robbed in Argentina 24 hours ago, just 2 hours after arriving to the country. I got out of the airport and took a taxi to the hotel. Arrived at the hotel at 8:30am. No rooms ready for checking in. Have to wait until mid day. I leave two bags with clothes at the hotel lobby and take my backpack with my Canon Camera, two lenses and a tripod, and go out straight to Plaza de Mayo, where the government house is located, just two block from the hotel. Some tourist ask me to take a picture of him with his own cell phone. While taking the picture I feel some liquid has been thrown at my back. The tourist say that a bird has pooped over me. I began to liberate my arms from the backpack I am carrying. Suddenly one man takes my backpack, someone pushes me and takes out my wallet, then another push and now the guys are running in different directions. Someone yells:The guy with your backpack is running to the Metro Station!!! (that is just 10 meters away). With all the confusion i run to the metro station and see a police officer that helps to try to find my stuff running through the metro lines of that station. 10 min later he gives up and say: I am so sorry but the thieves must be at this time celebrating their robbery. I got stolen my passport, money, credit cards and ID from my country, and all my photo equipment taken to save memories of this travel. In my pockets just 5 pesos (less than 1 dollar) for a 12 days travel..and remember i couldn't check in at the hotel, so no place to rest. After some calls to block credit cards and a few calls to inform friends about the situation I arrived to a friends home. Still trying to accept what happened and trying to see the beauty of the country, not the bad things.

I was stolen in BsAs too. However, it didn't happen in the street, even not by robbers..

I was supposed to have a friend living there. She moved to BsAs long time ago so she asked me to share her place and just paying a lower rent. Off course I did it.

When arriving there I started to see kind of weird things about her, for instance she couldn't pick me up from the airport as "she was dating with a guy and she was very drunk".. that was the first thing that I heard when I just landed in.

Well, finally I managed to get to her place. Everything seemed to be "fine" but one day coming back to have a rest she was using my laptop which was hidden in my suitcase.. how did she find it?.. That among other things such as find her out with a guy in my bed made me make sudden decisions.. So I decided to move.

Living in my new place I realised that my money (dollars) were not in my suitcase .. So who could steal them? .. I went to her place again for finding any answer or something.. She wasn't living there anymore.

So you didn't get any useful help from the authorities, do you think I could find any help? .. So dissapointing!

I have been quite lucky. I think I had my tablet stolen once but by the time I found out, I'm not sure if I just left it somewhere or had it stolen. Australia was the only place I had my visa number stolen and used a little bit online. Visa covers this though so it was no problem.

However, on a bus from Southern Thailand to Bangkok, a bunch of people were robbed. One guy near us had all his money taken right out of his money belt.  I don't even know how thats possible. About once a week we were told my the embassy, sleeping gas is used on the bus and everyone is robbed of passports and stuff like that. this may have been when the tablet went missing but I'm not sure. 

When I went to Indonesia, I forgot all my money and wallet in Australia (dumb) but found a Western Union and had my family wire me some money.

Other than that, I keep my wallet in my front pocket. I don't carry around too much. I typically put a little suitcase lock on a valuable bag that is left in the hotel. Sometimes I keep two or three stashes of money in different areas. I try not to take money or valuables out in crowed areas or where I don't want people knowing what I have.

That's about it and its worked for five years of full-time travel - all of which was developing countries.

Unfortunately it happened to me. First was in Barcelona, my first digital camera back in early 2000 it was just too quick and I can't even remember how I got robbed and when I reported at the police station of course they can't do anything which is I understood but they still can't issued my police report because they don't believe that me as Asian can't afford digital camera ( back than it was quite pricey)

Someone answer about credit card stolen, here is my story, my credit card wasn't stolen but it was copied while I was transiting in Kuala Lumpur on my way to Bali for long break. ( I know this after my bank told me) I didn't notice until I have to buy ticket from Bali to Singapore and I cant use my credit card to booked a hotel and flight so I call my bank in Belgium to find out what happened and they told me that the blocked my card automatically  when the visa suspicious about withdrawal activities in Bangkok ( yep copied in Kuala Lumpur but used in Bangkok) as much as I relieved but I feels gutted that I have to rely on my other credit card ( I own 3 credit cards for different purposes, but I just keep 2 credit cards from two different country) and some cash

Other than those two incident, I have to say I'm quite fortunate to not going the same story again hopefully won't happen to me or anybody 

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