Have you ever been scared of your doctor?

Not my current doctor he is an angel, super understanding and a good listener. You can tell medicine is his natural calling. But I had a doctor 8 years ago that was scary. He was a creep. He was ringing my parents home phone late at night looking for me. It started when he rang my mums mobile. He was obviously looking for my phone number. She had been to the same medical center and he saw her last name was the same as mine and thought it was my number. When he rang the number and mum answered he said he was calling to check on me. My mum was like 'gee your doctor is very thoughtful checking on you does he do house calls or something?' Initially we just thought he was being nice..he said back in his country in the middle east it was common to check on patients and he just was getting used to a different work ethic. But then he started to get really flirtatious and handsy during consultations. I put up with it at first because i needed my prescription medication as if you don't take it you get nasty withdrawals. I was looking for a new doctor but it was difficult to find a prescribing doctor. Then one day he tried to force himself on me..like he pinned me against the wall with his body. He actually forced his disgusting toungue inside my mouth by holding my head in place so I couldn't move my face. Looking back I don't even know how he managed because i was pressing my lips shut. When I tried to leave he followed me out of the surgery and grabbed my arm in front of his receptionists and staff like he didn't care if they saw, and one of the receptionists was his girlfriend (she was actually really pretty) then he blocked my car with his car in the parking lot. It was awful. I didn't go back. But I had to go to hospital and be given methadone because my body went ito such bad withdrawal from coming off morphine and valium. Apparently he was inappropriate with a lot of girls. Girls would go in with cold and flu symptoms and he would say they needed a pap smear or find another way to convince them to get undressed. Canberra is a small city and his behavior was soon being talked about all over the place. One woman tried to blackmail him. Anyway he had charges from overseas for similar issues. He got extradited, I think he did time. But then a few years later I heard he was back and still practicing. I don't know how he is able to still be a general practitioner.

I guess I was not scared the way you are thinking but I was once really scared to go to the hospital. I had really bad cold and my mother took me to hospital like everyday for some reason. The doctor changed everyday and none of them had any idea what's going on so they needed take my blood. EVERYDAY. and they still had no idea. I was like 5 at that time and I hated it. One of them even accidentally bent the needle in my arm (literally) so I had to take it twice. I once thought that was because my mother told them to take my blood so I get used to it. One of the older doctor simply found that it's just a cold without taking my blood. Seriously what the hell.

No. Anyone should be scary. If you're having a bad relationship with your doctor, it might be a smart decision to try others. I always try to hear from three different specialists and then choose the one I felt more comfortable with.

In Brazil this is so usual and we take it so seriously that we make appointments with several pediatricians when we're still pregnant, so when it's birthday we already had decided the one and he's invited to attend labor and be the first to exam his patient.

No never been scared, only I get annoyed when they try to fob me off, when I know better and that does make me mad as I wonder how many people they do the same to who have no idea what is going on.

Doctors make the worst patients I would imagine they were more scared of me(lol)

Seriously I have always had a good relationship with all doctors, specialist and the like.

The once I was scared by what one said, ‘was one week to live.' But not the surgeon as he was one of the top ones around at that time.

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