Have you ever been scared of your father?

On two occasions:

The first time I was two years old, asleep in my bed in our home at the time in London. My dad, wearing some kind of mask that I'm told was meant to look like an old person, wakes me up at some point in the night. I screamed. That's all I can remember, but apparently I screamed and screamed all night, and demanded that I watched him put it in the bin. For years later he teased me about still having it somewhere.

The second time, I was about 19 years old. I think I'd been smoking a little of the devil's lettuce that night. At around 11.30pm I come downstairs for a late night snack. As I walk downstairs all the lights are off, apart from the faint glow from the fireplace. The dining room door is slightly ajar, and I enter through it to access the kitchen. "RAH!!" My dad is stood behind the dining room door and startles me, this time wearing a 'scary clown mask', similar to the ones that were notorious a couple of years later. This time I was older and braver, and ended up punching him in the face and giving him a black eye as my immediate response. Afterwards he said "yeah I guess I deserved that".

He knows I don't like masks (probably from the first occasion).. bastard.

Once. I was in high school when Mom died, and I learned she had not made out her Will correctly. My parents had the world's most acrimonious divorce, and she apparently thought she had put the house out of Dad's reach. Wrong. I was afraid he would sell the house, leaving me homeless. It was a scary time. One of Mom's brothers worked something out with him, but apparently he resented "losing" the house until he died.

Never! He was the most gentle, kind, giving father a child could have. He was a giver and a peace maker. He would always look at the other side of an argument before making a judgment. Mostly, he strived to give his family the best. We, my sisters and I knew this. So when he gave fairly strict rules to follow, we following them out of love and reject. No, none of the five children in my family were scared of Dad. Most often, we tried to please him.

Is it true that most American adults have never been to a foreign country?

A few years ago, my son, then barely 15 years old, won a trip to participate in Magic: The Gathering's Pro Tour in Madrid, Spain. Because of his young age, Wizards paid for one of his parents to go with him, and family helped send the other parent

American Revolution and Revolutionary War: Was the United States' sovereignty ever officially recognized by Great Britain?

Not until the Treaty of Paris in 1783 formally ended the war. By that time, several other countries had already officially recognized the United States as independent, and Great Britain had afforded de facto recognition when it treated the U.S. as an equal party in the peace

Do you work on weekends?

The answer cannot be I like to do so. Generally, it is good to keep the balance between the work and the personal life; however it happens to work in the weekend if there was a real business need. Just try to avoid having that as the default.