Have you ever been scared of your own best friend?

I had two girl best friends. One regarded me as a best friend so she was ultra possessive and kinda irritating to the core to find someone clinging to me.

The next was my so called best friend but was social too at the same time, so we then just remained good friends.

Yes in the first case though I got the attention, I was scared as I found it bit wierd. In the second I was scared I might loose her and it did happen eventually.

Later I learnt that the best equation is to stay as good friends.

Hells yeah.. Was scared that he might leave me.. And so it happened :)


Do I need to study engineering to become a top senior manager at a top company?

Knowledge of the processes, associated risks is mandatory for some one to be promoted to that positionEducational background is superseded by work experience. Educational certificates give initial push, subsequently it is purely knowledge & work experience.Good engineering educational background help in giving some depth in thinking & certain boldness / conviction,

What is the best country in Latin America for backpacking?

It all depends how long you have to travel and your personal interests as well as your budget. Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador are great options that can be topped off by Colombia too. Most people in Latin American countries are friendly, but an added bonus about

What should someone know before moving to Bayonne, New Jersey?

I've never lived in Bayonne but I've heard that many people prefer to live there because 1) it is an easy commute to New York City, Jersey City, and Hoboken 2) housing prices are relatively cheap.It is more like a small town which