Have you ever been surprised by someone's intelligence?

We were in 10th STD. And we were having our half yearly examination.

That day we were about to give maths examination . Almost everybody was prepared for maths paper as maths was one of our favorite subject .

Then exam started ...

Me thinking ....what type of questions are these ...:( .

I tried to solve those questions but I was not able to completely solve the problems also they were consuming too much time. I literally was feeling sick while solving those problems .... Sweat was coming as if tap has been started from somewhere.. I was in full tension..

Then I looked back as I was on the first bench. My friend whom we use to think was intelligent was literally crying ..by watching this I got some confidence that I am not the only one who was the suffering this . The teacher(invigilator) was consoling him that she will give more time to solve the questions to him( which she didn't do).

Somehow we finished our papers....

Everybody was in bad mood our paper didn't complete ,our answers didn't come . So almost everyone was frustrated except one let say him X.

When I asked him how was the paper he said " paper me kuch nahi tha ,mera paper likh ke check karke bhi hua ".

Translation" there was nothing in paper ,I have wrote and checked also".

I thought he was boasting and said ok And I went .

Result day

Half of class failed in maths the other were in 50–60(including me,atleast got passed ;) ) and X was alone scoring 79.5/80.We were literally shocked

The teacher was happy not because X scored 79.5 instead because teacher was able to cut his half marks.

The teacher told that he has done liberal checking for every student except X.

X was really intelligent . In 12std he scored 100 in PCM all 3 subject.which I came to know through newspaper.

2 rank in CET and now he is in IIT Bombay doing mechanical engineering.

U may think he was a bookworm but NO he was not. He was as normal as we were...

My first son, when he was all of 6 months old, surprised me with his intelligence. Now plenty of first-time parents will ooh and aah at how precocious their little one is, and how fast they develop. This isn't quite one of those anecdotes.

One day when my wife was at work and I was working from home, it was time to put my son down for his nap. The typical routine was to lay him down in our bed and interact with him until he fell asleep, then transfer him to his crib. We had some flip up rails attached to our bed, just to be sure he wasn't going to accidentally crawl off the mattress.

On this particular day, I lay him down next to me for some dad/son bonding time. Like pretty much every first-time parent, I was suffering from some level of sleep deficit. That day, my tiredness was apparently particularly acute. I ended up dozing off, only to be awakened by someone forcefully nudging me in the side. I look over at my son, and he's giving me the stinkeye. I had to suppress a hearty laugh, as I quickly figured out he was unhappy with me because I'd begun snoring, which was preventing him from falling asleep.

What struck me as intelligent is that instead of expressing his dismay vocally at me preventing him from getting some needed rest, he simply resorted to just whacking me as if to say "dad, cut it out!!!"

When I was monitor, I had a group of 6 to 9 years girls.

Once, I designed a game with some trials. One of them was to find a missing card in a deck when each card is called only once.

The teams was given time to organize themselves. The goal was that they break it down so everyone had only 2 or 3 cards to remember.

So, they discussed and when they were ready, I started shouting each card.

Once I finished, one of the girl gave the right answer. I asked if she was certain, and she confirmed.

I was very puzzled and asked her how she did. She told me that there is 4 colors and she simply eliminated cards one by one and when a group was gone (Eg. all the 1) it was easy to remember "all 1 gone". Same for "all clubs gone" and "all images gone".

Most adult don't have this mental structure!

So, I reported it to the team and nobody believed me.

Sure, all the time.

In college I had a part-time job working in the Registrars Office, and one day input a schedule change for a guy from my chemistry class. He was taking 2x as many units as any body I'd ever seen. He was a triple major in Math, Physics and Computer science. He was getting A's. I took an interest in him, and talked to him from time to time, and he was just such a thoroughly nice, thoughtful, and incredibly insightful person. It was really neat watching his mind at work.

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