Have you ever been surprised by your reflection?

Yes. When I first became a cop, I lived alone in a bad section of Long Beach and my first floor apartment was next to an alley. I walked in at night, after work. I turned on my living room light. Directly across from me was my bedroom. I opened my door as I was pulling my revolver out of my shoulder holster with my right hand. Ilokked down to my right to set my gun down on the dresser. As I did that, the ambient light from the living room allowed me to see a guy on the opposite side of my dresser. I quickly raised my gun as the other guy raised his arm. Figuring he had a gun, I fired off a rond, then slipped back behind my door jamb into the living room. I turned off the living room lights and squatted down and listened. I didn't hear anything, so I reached around and turned on my bedroom lights before popping my head and gun in for a look. I had shot my full length mirror.

I am surprised by my reflection every day.

A year ago I looked like this:

All the time! It's undoubtedly related to getting older. You know how old people always think THEY look young for their age, but every other old person looks like hell??

We all have a magic mirror that reflects us as we looked 20 years or so prior.

Every now and then we take a look in a different mirror and we're shocked to see how old we really are. As others have mentioned, I occasionally see my mother reflected back, and it's not a happy experience.

Not usually, although about 20 years ago, I accidentally ingested something, and when I looked in the mirror I scared the hell out of myself.

Why did I scare the hell out of myself? Let's just say I didn't look like myself at all. My eyes are blue, but when I looked in the mirror the sclera (white part) was blood red and my lovely blue eyes were a dark purplish color. I actually passed out after looking at myself! To my knowledge, that's the only time I actually got scared by my own reflection.

What were your impressions of visiting Uruguay?

Uruguay and Uruguayans seemed very similar to Argentina and Argentines. Although Uruguayans might not like this comparison, the truth is that it is quite rare for visitors to head exclusively to Uruguay for a holiday. Most visit the country as an extension of a visit to Argentina

What is the best experience you've had on Halloween?

When I was a kid of around 11, my friend Bec and I decided to go trick or treating. It was the late 90s here in Australia, and Halloween wasn't really done, some people were actually against it.We weren't dressed in costumes, just normal clothes and

Why would I visit Hawaii vs Australia?

I live in Australia (and have done for many years), and I once got an all expenses paid trip to Maui for my husband and myself - we stayed in the top resort, with hot and cold running everything (I got this because