Have you ever been to a funeral where a secret lover of the deceased turned up?

It was four mistresses. AND, his nineteen children, some who had no idea about each other. Old Mr. Perry was quite the Casanova.

He'd been married to his wife for almost thirty years. They had five or six children together. All the while, he was galavanting around town with his latest love of the moment. Babies. Babies everywhere.

I don't know if they had an "understanding", or if he was just really slippery. But it all worked out; after some discussion, and everyone figuring out what was going on, they all got along great. It was a funeral that turned into a freakin family reunion.

Thank you for requesting the answer.

I've officiated at a funeral where this happened.

Everything was fine, until she revealed that they had been lovers to exactly the wrong person. It was awkward, people were hateful, and yet nobody seemed particularly surprised at the revelation.

My advice: pay your respects, and lie about such a social taboo. It's better that the people there don't suffer.

Funerals are for the living, not the dead.

Yes. I went to a plethora of funerals because I was sthe grief counselor at hospice. One case, a man had been married 50 years. His girlfriend of 35 years showed up. Talk about awkward. I had women come to me for grief counseling telling me they went to their husband's grave to find someone else had left a dozen roses. There are lots of stories like this.

How would history be altered had Hitler not been born?

not very much. Hitler rose to power in the time of a crisis. Most of the leaders during the time were facing crisis in their countries. If Hitler wasn't there then someone else would of rose to power and done something very similar with less racial discrimination than Hitler had towards the Jewish. and that doesn't stop

Which is the most democratic country in Africa?

This is a tough question to ask when you put into consideration the level of electoral violence, press freedom and vote manipulation. To answer your question, I will say it is South Africa mainly because it is slightly better than other African countries in upholding