Have you ever been told you weren't meant for someone?

It's all a ridiculous notion.

We are all human, and because of that, no one is too good, or not good enough simply because of their existence. However, you can be not good enough based on how you act.

There is a reason that - though they can be a strong initial attractor - good looks are not enough in order to keep the person that you are trying to court. It simply is not enough to sustain a multi-year relationship.

I do not know if you are a male or a female, or what sex you are pursuing, but one thing's for sure: you must be confident. Sure, you may not be worth enough for this person based off how you are now, but anyone can improve to make his or herself more attractive to the person they are interested in.

It's difficult, but it can be done.

Look at yourself. I mean really look at yourself.

If there's something about you and how you act that you do not find attractive, then work on yourself so that if you were the person you are trying to court, that you'd be attracted to that person, that is, yourself.

When people say that someone is not good enough for a girl or guy, it entails more than just physical appearance. If that person is not high enough on the social hierarchy, then that's another reason that may not be considered enough of a human for that other person.

So improve yourself, and carpe diem!

No. I've never Meant someone I could find something good about. And if they were women, I found so many things good about them

Everyone gets told that at some point. Laugh, move on, move on, move on...

Yes. My buddy in college knew about my intense crush with my classmate, which is also his friend, this buddy of mine and I were so honest to each other,and he just told me that "crushes" will never be real in life, like, his words are: you cant be with the one who youre crushing with.

This admiration of mine went for four years, I was there admiring him from afar, while feeling this "friend zone" stuff. I could still remember what my buddy tried to tell me: youre not meant for your crush. I guess I can say that Im matured enough to accept things that way.

The truth hurts but it will set you free!

Yes, by a girl's parents. They insisted she marry another guy who they said to my face was so much better than me and his parents were allegedly from a better family.

He beat his girlfriend, later wife all the time, gambled and cheated on her. His supposed wonder parents went to jail for running investment scams. I knew her parents through adulthood and they never apologized to me but admitted many years latter to their daughter they had made a mistake and should have trusted their daughter.

Women are very intelligent, no matter what some folks might think. Two times in my life I proposed Marriage to wonderful women. And, they BOTH had the wisdom to reject my proposal of Marriage.

Have you ever been physically attacked by something you couldn't see?

Yes. Yesterday I had a strong burning sensation on my elbow. After sometime something had bitten me and it was completely swollen. I could not see it but it was painful.

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