Have you ever believed you were a ghost?

In one sense, I am a ghost. I am a spiritual being confined to the Einsteinian continuum. However, I have a body and that precludes me from being a traditional ghost.

I did have an out of body experience. I was suffering from a grapefruit sized pustule in my right chest cavity. I was semiconscious much of the time. Between the lack of oxygen and the septicemia, this may have been a hallucination.

However, I seemed to be more fully awake than I had been for weeks (it took almost a month for someone to do a blood O2 and a chest scan). I was lying on the living room couch drifting in and out of consciousness, I stood up and went to tell my sister how much better I felt. Then I looked at the couch. My body was still there. In confusion, I noticed that I didn't have the weight my medications caused me to gain.

With that, I was back in my body. I was dazed and still suffering from the infection. It was probably just a fever dream but it sure seemed real. If I actually did have the experience, then I was a living ghost for however long it lasted. That is if you define a ghost as a spirit not bound to a body and not able to pass out of normal space time.


A ghost is a spirit separate in existance from the material world humans can yet see. The spirit within each life on earth is a growing soul entity. In that regard, yes, I live knowing to grow the light strength of my inner ghost. Grow spiritually and be able to ‘ride the ride' through the atmosphere, and to the gateway of Orion. disembodied ghosts are all around you harmlessly trying to help to grow their strength. Malevolent spirits refuse to grow, and bitterly spread their poisons of fear by bitterness, and vindictive jealousy.

We are each and everyone a living holy ghost, growing inside our core being. It is Life Itself. Only we can choose the path of our own soul, no one else. It is the very nature of evolutionary creation. All answers come from the Heavens, not the brains of humanity

Yes sometimes as I am walking around my unit I can sense other people even though they're not there I feel like there is a something going on like a parrelel dimension were I can slightly interact with people that are still alive

Sometimes there are voices as well and sometimes I can feel like demons are trying to kill me and its as if I die and then everything is normal again.


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This American family lived it! And we know many others who have as well. But we all seem to share certain characteristics: we all learned the local languages, adopted the local lifestyle, and in general are open to different ideas and experiences.I will say that I also know many who didn't enjoy it;

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