Have you ever communicated with a spirit?

Yes. I was fooling around with metaphysical stuff back in the nineties, and among other things tried automatic writing, using three tools: late night peace and quiet, a typewriter, and a glass of wine to calm the critical mind. I started getting input that I later identified as communication from my long-deceased maternal grandmother, which lasted for about a year, after which she told me she was heading out on her next life, so goodbye. She was telling me stories of that side of my family, and a psychic friend said her info was that Nana had a deal with me for this life (we were old buddies from many previous lives): she was to have helped set me on a different (and probably much more lucrative and successful) writing life beginning with a fictionalize family saga rather than a fierce feminist version of a nasty future that became four books long. So whe was trying to do a bit of that agreement even though that moment had longsince past (which indicates that discarnate spirits are not very grounded when it comes to live-earth time, not a surprising discovery).

There have been others such connections, usually fairly brief, via dreams, ouija board, and other techniques. It's all very personal, though I have one book online about a trip to Alaska that was set off by some of this communication. Not surprisingly, it doesn't sell, which is probably fine, in the long run.

I used to attend a Spiritulist Church on a regular basis but after hearing too many unbelievable true things these psychic mediums said about deceased partners, friends etc and your own personal facts I became too scared to continue.

On my very last attendance to this Church the medium began asking if anyone believed they have had physical contact with a ghost?

A few people stood up and talked about their loved ones embracing them, being able to smell their cigars, aftershave etc.

Then the Medium asked, what I first thought to be a strange question; "Has anyone experienced having sex or physical relations with a passed one?"

Complete silence! Then the Medium said " I m sorry if I have been misunderstood. To put it bluntly, has anyone had sex with what you thought was ghost?" Absolute silence again!

Then slowly an old boy sitting at the back got up and waved towrds the stage.

"Ah, thankyou sir. Please tell us about your experience with having sex with a ghost?"......

The old man raised his head looking confused and said "Oh! Sorry, I thought you said anyone who s had sex with a goat!"


Hi. Yes, many times. They generally come to me. Sometimes I will feel their suffering, their emotions, their need to have someone understand and know what they are going through. I have felt their fear of death, when they knew they were in danger while in body still. I get info through impressions, telepathic communication, sensing.

There's only one other kind of spirit other than God that has communication with man, and that is Angels. Demons, which are fallen Angels are known to pretend to be ghosts as a means of intertanment. They also have the power to cause you to see what is called opened eyes visions. This trick is famous for the use of causing people to believe that they have been abducted by aliens or simply seen them. They are extremely intelligent being. Their playing field is the subconscious state, this is when men are in their most vulnerable state of mind. Doing the hours of where most of mankind are sleeping, it is then that Angels are the most busiest.

I believe I have. There has been time where I will tell it to go away and leave become they are not welcome.

I believe I have also communicated with the dead in my dreams

plenty of times, some in physical form, at closed meeting's , available by invite

only, so have scientists, but how do they explain Solid objects passing through

Solid objects, lights entering their bodies, and exiting elsewhere, how do they explain, unopened film, that is sealed and signed, from producing many

photo's, not even in the camera,

they know very little, about the Afterlife and intelligent life beyond here,

but maybe one day they will, and so will we.

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