Have you ever considered living in another country, and if so, which one and why?

All the time...

I want to escape the madness, the war on terror.. terrorists war on us.. the insane capitalism, interest rates, income taxes, investing, the constant soliciting and constant lying by companies trying to take my money.. the capitalization of the medical field..pesticides on vegetables, cancer rates, smog and pollution.. city noise and traffic...

I am just too slow and laid back for such a fast paced world. I don't hate this fast faced world.. I do see some ills that can be corrected by proper legislation.. but I am aware of and respect the fact that many humans love the fast paced action and adventure of this world...as for me? I am also aware that I am not built for it..I like slow days, listening to rain drops pitter-patter on windows or roofs while reading...

so I do daydream of escaping and living a simple life in some small, primitive country.. as a bartender or maybe as the owner of a small cafe.

Dear Aaron Lowe,

Yes definitely I have considered that...

Have you ever considered living in another country, and if so, which one and why?

...and the country is Canada, for which I am leaving the USA...and it is a done deal, gonna happen any day now...ima move in on Rathkeale Timmins there...only tiny slight problem is that RK does not know anything about this yet.


As for why? Well that is obvious!

Australia. Considering the natural environment it has still more to explore than Germany. At the time of my emigration, the 2 Germanies were still frontline punch balls of the super powers USSR and USA.

UK. I love London.

Why do some Brits boast of speaking in RP?

Unlike the woman who said it's Americans who boast, as an American living in London I can share with you how it's really done. A British woman, wanting to stress the differences in pronunciation, told me that ‘We don't all speak alike' and

How much do you love your country?

Instead of tissues they kept pieces of news paper for cleaning hands after washing with water in the hotel I went for having lunch.As usually my friend took paper to clean but surprisingly he folded it well and kept it aside and called one of the workers.I was