Have you ever dealt with someone whose only satisfaction was revenge?

Yep, and I've never even met her; I'm not even sure what she really looks like. I HAVE seen enough pictures of her, though heavily Photoshopped, to ID her.

This girl is an ex-girlfriend of my ex-husband, and she's been stalking me, on social media and in my real life, for going on 6 years now. He dated her for about 6 months, before she revealed her bizarre side fully. He's mentally ill, and she's bipolar with horrible abandonment issues. Not a good match.

When he asked her out, she quickly went on Facebook, Pinterest- anywhere she could find out about me, my likes and dislikes- and matched hers to mine. Identically. In her deep search, she ran across our ancient MySpace profiles, which we'd both forgotten about. Of course, it had pictures of us together from happier days. That sent her into a mental tailspin. She insisted we were having a secret affair (I was living in another state, 900 miles away, and blissfully happy in my new relationship), and he was going to break up with her any day, but that we were just enjoying toying with her.

He finally split with her. She started threatening suicide, making threats to kill me and herself, sleeping on his front porch, and driving by his house several times a day. She imagined I was what broke them up and became hell-bent on revenge. He called to warn me; "She's crazy, she may try to find you, and yes, she's violent and obsessed with you." That's when I figured out she'd friended me on Facebook; she said she'd bought some of my art.

I blocked her regularly. I never opened her emails. I made everything VERY private on social media, and got an expensive security system, which caught her driving by several times, just stopping and staring or yelling at my house. I finally got an electronic restraining order, and a "real life" order of protection. It still hasn't stopped her. She's crafty enough to not threaten me directly; she creates fake profiles and then deletes them. She's cut her hair like mine and dyed it black. She got 2 black cats that she named Kurt and Dave. She's tried recently to "friend" my husband and bff on Facebook. She sends me pictures of herself (?) infrequently, but at least twice, maybe three times a year.

Every few months, she still pops up, and I don't think she'll quit until she either finds another victim, or she feels like she's gotten "revenge", even though my ex told her he broke up with her because he was afraid of her, that it had nothing to do with me.

Yes, I'm still afraid, and until she threatens me with bodily harm, I've done all I can do. The police have their hands tied, and they've done everything they can do. The only GOOD thing to come from this really weird situation is that my ex said, "I had no idea what living with someone crazy was like; I'm SO, so sorry for what I must've put you through."

I don't think most people would know if this is the case. People who work by revenge do it in a stealthy manner and you don't figure it out until the last action. At least that is how it plays out in Disney movies and action movies. The audience knows what's going on, the person in danger doesn't.

I myself haven't but I've always been afraid of it. I always thought conflict was revenge and so was afraid of any sort of personality conflict with people. Whenever I had conflict I honestly thought they were then out to ruin my life.

In junior high I did go through bullying where peers were out to get me- they had covered every doorway out so I couldn't escape. I had lots of other stuff like this happen, but I can't say this was revenge because I didn't do anything! It was maliciousness for certain.

I also went through a super bad incident in my twenties where I was so afraid I thought the person was out to ruin my life. But like I said, if someone is out to ruin your life, then I don't know that we would truly be aware or on guard to block it.

Thanks Andre for a2a. Practically these situations are rife here in the subcontinent in rural areas. People get offended and want to teach others a life lesson. In cities this rarely happens.

I have never been threatened to this extent. However, partial revengeful acts were sporadically observed during my service period (almost 43 years). PERSONALLY I AM ALSO NOT THAT SORT. So, it is going to be a pretty ordinary answer for you.

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