Have you ever discovered your child had a secret life?

I am answering anonymously because I don't want my answer found by any family or friends who aren't privy to this information. It is not "secret" but it is personal and not mine to share. My firstborn- my son, my baby boy- is an adult now. When he was 20 or 21 he informed me that he is actually a transgender woman. This year she, my only son, moved out into an apartment with her girlfriend and legally changed her name from the one I chose for my child to one I hate and never would have chosen. As far as I know she does not have the money to pursue hormonal or medical treatment to change her body and her insurance does not cover treatment related to transgender issues. However, she is living as a woman. I've never seen her in a dress or a bra but I know she wears them. At 6'4" she was a good sized man. As a woman? Not a lot of 6'4" women in our area! I don't know if they even make heels in a size 15 or 16 but this child never had good balance or coordination anyway. I hope she sticks mostly with sneakers and flats!

Also, my teenage daughter prefers men's clothes but I think that has more to do with better graphics on t-shirts; shorts and swimwear that don't expose her ass cheeks; and pockets. She swears by pockets!

Can a skinny kid get abs?

Visible abs are due to 3 things:a. your dna; can't do anything about thatb. low body fat uncovering whatever is there; sounds like you are there alreadyc. doing ab work.That said you won't know what "a" brings for you until you do "c". Not everyone is going to have the same big muscled look

Who invented the light bulb?

In addressing the question of who invented the incandescent lamp, historians Robert Friedel and Paul Israel list 22 inventors of incandescent lamps prior to Joseph Wilson Swan and Thomas Edison. They conclude that Edison's version was able to outstrip the

Is age really just a number or is it older people trying to make themselves feel better about their own age?

Original question: Is age really just a number or is it older people trying to make themselves feel better about their own age?I have seen people in or past their late 70's who are in better health than younger people. My church in Tyler hosted an annual nursing